Starcraft 2 3 Base Mutalisk (Econ Muta) Build Order

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodMutalisks are one of the best units to use in any Zerg match-up. In the hands of the skilled player, Mutalisks are constantly finding weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the opponent's base, keeping the enemy pinned down in their base and constantly on the defense.

The build order we will cover on this page involves getting out relatively early Mutalisks, but not significantly sacrificing the Zerg's macro to get this early tech. We open up with a standard economic Hatchery-first build but then hold off on the third base for awhile.

During this hold-off period, Metabolic Boost and Zerglings are produced to gain map control and fend off any possible attacks. We then ramp up gas intake and start Lair production. About the same time the Lair finishes, we take the third base and then start the Spire.

This way, the Spire finishes at the same time as the third base. We will also have about 1000 gas saved (10 Mutalisks worth). With these Mutalisks and Zerglings we have built up until this point in the game, map control is very easy to maintain for the Zerg player, allowing the Zerg to safely dedicate Larva to saturating the third base and possibly even grab a fourth base.

3 Base Mutalisk Build Order

This build is ideal for Zerg vs Terran, but can work for Zerg vs Protoss as well. While Mutalisk play works great against Zerg players, you cannot open with this build safely against enemy Zerg players. You will likely have to stick to a 2-base Mutalisk play initially until you can get more units out on the field.

9/10: Overlord
15/18: Hatchery
17/18: Extractor
16/18: Spawning Pool
17/18: Overlord
23/28: Queen x2
24/28: Zerglings
24/28: Metabolic Boost (leave Drones on gas - need for Lair)
24/28: Overlord
32/36: Overlord
42/44: Lair
42/44: Overlord
42/44: Extractor x3
51/52: Queen
52/52: Zerglings
52/52: Overlord (supply cap OK since saving for Hatchery and Spire)
52/52: Hatchery
51/52: Spire
52/52: Zerglings x2
52/52: Overlord x2
61/76: Zerglings x8
63/76: Queen
64/76: Overlord x2
**bank up Larva and Gas**
85/94: Mutalisk x10

As soon as the Mutalisks spawn, you need to send them in immediately and try to cause some damage. If you can distract Terran ground forces with your Mutalisks, all the Zerglings you made might be able to sneak in at a different entrance point and cause some damage. As you carry out your attack, continue to spend gas on Mutalisks, but also work on saturating your new third base and start working on upgrades.

Strategies for Using Econ Mutas

This build allows the Zerg player to get out a nice-sized Mutalisk flock relatively early in the game without the economic sacrifice typical of 2-base Mutalisk play. This build represents what top players would consider "early" Mutalisks. Players on the ladder may rush to Mutalisks on one or two bases, but aside from ZvZ matches, this generally is a bad idea when going against top players. You just will not be able to get the gas you need to build Mutalisks in large numbers on just one or two bases.

The strength of this build strongly relies the micro of the user. You might think that this is true for all builds, but it is especially the case with Mutalisk play. A build that involves massing Roaches and Hydralisks and then attack-moving does not require much micro, whereas if you attack move against enemy Marines and Widow Mines with Mutalisks, you will quickly lose your army (and subsequently the game).

If you are having success with Mutalisks, keep making them and reinforcing your Mutalisk pack. If you keep your Mutalisks alive long enough, your pack will get larger and larger. Once you get up to 20+ Mutalisks, you can start taking down structures and even expansions in a couple seconds. This is when the Zerg gets really dangerous.

Stacking the Mutalisks

Ideally, if there is no splash damage around (Thors or Widow Mines versus Terran, Archons or High Templar versus Protoss) you want to keep your Mutalisks moving to keep them clumped up. This makes it impossible for the enemy to easily focus-fire weak Mutalisks.

Against Terran Players

The most important thing to understand about using this build against Terran players is that as soon as you delay your third to get out these early 10 Mutalisks, you are likely behind in economy. This means that you must cause damage with your Mutalisks to not fall behind in the game and you must cause significant damage to get ahead with this build.

Getting these early Mutalisks out and then not causing any damage means that you delayed Drone production significantly only to get nothing out of it. When using Mutalisks, you do not necessarily want to engage at the mineral line. Instead, you might need to attack tech structures, production facilities, supply depots - really anything you can attack without getting hit back.

The 10 Mutalisks this build gets out initially is enough to kill a Supply Depot or a Tech Lab relatively quickly. If you can run in and snipe the Tech Lab that is researching Drilling Claws, Combat Shield, or Stimpack, you have dealt a huge blow to the Terran player. Other good targets include Supply Depots (particularly those that are part of a wall in), Engineering Bays, and unguarded Missile Turrets.

Stay on the move and hop from undefended location to undefended location. If you have some success with this, you can often pull enemy units out of position, leaving the expansions weak. You can then turn the Mutalisks around and hit the enemy's SCVs. Additionally, if you managed to destroy part of the wall-in and the enemy's units are out of position, flood in Zerglings and take out as many workers with them as you can.

Against Protoss Players

While I recommend using this build particularly against Terran, it can work well against Protoss players. If the Protoss player goes for an Immortal/Sentry All In, you can use Mutalisks to directly attack the opponent's army. An early 10 Mutalisks can focus-fire down enemy Sentries. With just Zealots and Immortals, there will be nothing to stop your Mutalisks. With no Force Fields left, Zerglings stand up well to Immortals and Zerglings as well.

If you open with this build, be sure to scout before placing the Spire. If you scout a Stargate (or two), you will want to skip the Spire and instead add on a Hydralisk Den. If you scout Robotics Facility and Gateways, you can move forward with the plan of getting that quick Spire.

Good Protoss players may switch to Stargate when they see your Spire. You need to hide your Spire as best you can to prevent Stargate tech. If the Protoss does not see the Spire, they may just think you are going for early Hydralisks or Swarm Hosts, in which case they are likely to work towards Colossi tech. This leaves the Protoss very vulnerable to this Mutalisk play.

If the Protoss scouts the Spire late and tries at the last second to switch to Stargate, just add a few Corruptors. A couple Phoenix can be overpowered with some Corruptors. If the Protoss does pump out 6+ Phoenix, Mutalisks may not work. If you have already invested in the Mutalisks, you should look to grab a fourth base, add on some Spore Crawlers to protect your Mutalisks from Phoenix, and otherwise ramp up your economy so you can fund a tech switch. Spore Crawlers will be strong against the Phoenix while the Mutalisks and Zerglings you already built will be strong against ground units.

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