Starcraft 2 Baneling Bust Build Order

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodSince Terran players often like to go for a fast macro Command Center, many Zerg players have taken to using the Baneling Bust in response. A macro Command Center is when the Terran player builds an extra Command Center inside their main base. This is used for MULEs and SCV production.

The macro CC is upgraded into an Orbital Command and kept inside the main base where it is thought to be safe from early Zerg attacks. This way, the Terran only has to defend the entrance to their natural expansion.

While the macro Command Center is safer in the main then it is at the third, this does not necessarily mean the macro CC is untouchable. In particular, when the Terran player starts the macro CC before they start a Factory, the Terran becomes very vulnerable to a Baneling Bust.

Siege Tanks on the high ground or multiple Widow Mines flanking a Bunker are the only thing that can shut down an early attack with Banelings and Zerglings. The Terran player will have neither by the time the Banelings are ready if they go for a macro CC before Factory.

You do need to scout the timing of the macro CC for this to work optimally. Fly in a sacrificial Overlord in the early game to check for this construction.

Baneling Bust Build Order

9/10 - Overlord
15/18 - Hatchery
16/18 - Extractor
15/18 - Spawning Pool (Drone count dropping due to building construction)
17/18 - Overlord
18/28 - Zerglings
22/28 - Queen x2
23/28 - Metabolic Boost
24/28 - Overlord (may need add an extra Overlord here if you sacrificed one to scout)
27/36 - Baneling Nest
31/36 - Zerglings (4 pairs)
31/36 - Overlord
33/36 - Zerglings (2 pairs)
36/44 - Zerglings (3 pairs)
42/44 - Zerglings (6 pairs)
42/44 - Banelings x6

Rally all the Zerglings up to the Terran's base. Make your six Banelings hidden just outside the Terran's base. You do not want to make your Banelings at your main and then roll them across the map. Not only are Banelings slower and more vulnerable than Zerglings, but this will make your attack more likely to be detected.

Making the Attack

Once you have your Zerglings and Banelings in position, go in with the Banelings first, specifically trying to hit the Bunker and Supply Depots that are walling off the Terran main base so that the Zerglings can flood through. There should be almost no enemy units if you executed this build swiftly and the Terran has opted for the macro CC.

Continue to produce Zerglings and rally them to the Terran base. Build a couple Banelings and keep them safely outside the Terran's base. Due to lack of units, the next logical step for the Terran player is to pull their SCVs off of minerals and use SCVs to attack your Zerglings. When this happens, do not lose all your Zerglings to the SCVs but rather pull out those few Banelings you had saved (or make a few new ones) and use those Banelings to hit clustered SCVs. A single Baneling hit connecting with clustered SCVs is game over for the Terran player.

If your attack eventually gets shut down, hopefully you managed to destroy most of the Terran SCVs before this happened. You can then add on a third and fourth expansion with no fear of counter attack, macro up to Mutalisks or Roach/Hydra/Viper and then overwhelm the opponent.

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