Starcraft 2 Proxy Hatchery Block Build (ZvP)

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodProtoss players who opt for a Gateway-first expansion build order are much more dangerous for the Zerg player in the early game than the typical Forge Fast Expand opener.

Getting early Warp Gate technology gives the Protoss player the option of making a 2-base timing attack much earlier in the game than a Forge Fast Expand opener. Additionally, early Zealots warped in with this build can be a pain for Zerg players who try to grab a fast third expansion.

One way to get around early Protoss aggression is to block their build order. When the Protoss player goes for an early Gateway, the Zerg player can use their scouting Drone to morph a proxy Hatchery at the Protoss player's natural expansion. With no initial units and then just a single Zealot, it takes the Protoss player several minutes to destroy this Hatchery.

With a Hatchery up and no units to destroy it, the Protoss player cannot start their natural expansion and move forward with their attack for several minutes after you place the proxy Hatchery. This delay is more than worth the 350 minerals invested into the Hatchery.

Proxy Hatchery Block Build Order

9/10: Overlord
15/18: Hatchery (at your own natural expansion)
16/18: Send out scouting Drone.
18/18: Proxy Hatchery (at your opponent's natural expansion)

At this point, if you scout a Forge Fast Expand, just drop your own Spawning Pool and quickly take your third base (or third base first, Spawning Pool second - both are fine). Continue with any of the other Zerg build orders of choice. If there is no construction at the natural expansion, drop the Hatchery as soon as possible. If you do get down the Hatchery, here is how to continue:

18/18: Extractor
18/18: Spawning Pool
18/20: Overlord
27/28: Queen x2
27/28: Overlord
27/28: Metabolic Boost
28/28: Overlord
33/36: Zerglings x5

Right around this point in the game, the game clock will be approaching 5:30, which is the time the Protoss will take down your Hatchery. Since the Protoss natural is so delayed, odds are the Protoss will try to go all-in on one base. Use a scouting Overlord to check for a Nexus at the natural after your Hatchery goes down. If there is no Nexus by 6:00, prepare for a 1-base timing attack.

Use your 10 Zerglings to patrol the map looking for Probes and proxy Pylons. With no proxy Pylons, no Protoss attack is going to be very successful. If the Protoss moves out with ground units and pushes your Zerglings away, you will want to add on more Queens, Zerglings, and start a Roach Warren. With the Protoss on just 1 base, you only have to hold their attack to win the game. Do not worry about tech or going past 40 Drones until the Protoss player starts their natural expansion. Before that, just focus on getting out defense against any all-in.

Some Protoss players may try to go all-in with Gateway and Stargate units. Add on a few extra Queens plus a Spore Crawler in each base and you will be fine against air units.

Where to Go From Here

Once you fend off any attack and the Protoss player , you should go up to Lair and grab your own expansion. You can then pump out large numbers of Mutalisks (if the opponent went Robotics Bay tech), Roaches and Hydras (if they went Templar or Stargate tech). You should be able to make an overwhelming attack here that the Protoss will not be able to stop.

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