Starcraft 2 PvZ 1-Gate 2-Gas Fast Expand Build

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIf you are looking for an alternative two base build to the Forge Fast Expand opener, this is a good one to choose. This build is a little less economical, but offers the opportunity to make an effective, early attack should the Zerg player take a fast third expansion.

The 1 Gate 2 Gas Fast Expand Build involves getting out 1 Gateway, 2 Assimilators, and the Cybernetics Core before grabbing the expansion. The Protoss then uses the Mothership Core and an early Gateway unit or two to defend against Zergling attacks while they build up their Probe count and production facilities.

Compared to the Forge Fast Expansion, the Nexus is delayed slightly and the front door is more vulnerable to Zerglings, but gas intake and Warp Gate Research will finish much earlier. This gives the Protoss player the option of attacking a Zerg much earlier in the game as compared to the Forge Fast Expand build.

This build really shines when the Zerg player takes a fast third expansion. Many Zergs have begun doing this by default against Protoss players as they assume the Protoss will go for a Forge Fast Expand build. When the Zerg takes a quick third, by default they will vulnerable to the early aggression possible with this Protoss opener.

1-Gate 2 Gas Fast Expand Build order

Below, we will start with the standard opener as well as provide one option for making an attack. This attack will use 3 Warpgates and a Stargate as production facilities. Theoretically you could use the same opener and go a different route, such as 6-8 Warp Gates or even transition into the Immortal and Sentry All In.

9/10: Pylon
13/18: Gateway
15/18: Assimilator x2
17/18: Pylon
18/18: Cybernetics Core
21/26: Zealot
23/26: Warp Gate Research
21/26: Nexus (cancel Zealot if no Zergling rush. Keep Zealot if Zerglings appear.)
23/26: Mothership Core
23/26: Pylon
25/26: Sentry
28/34: Gateway x2 (this completes wall-in at natural expansion with Pylon and Sentry).

**This is where the default opener ends. Below, we will demonstrate one transition, the 3-Gate Stargate rush**

29/34: Stargate
31/34: Pylon
36/52: Phoenix
38/52: Proxy Pylon (hidden just outside Zerg's base. Send your Mothership Core nearby to help protect this).
40/52: Sentry
44/52: Phoenix
50/60: Zealot x3 (at Proxy Pylon)
52/60: Phoenix

Executing the Build

Once your 2 Phoenix finish, you can send them in to the proxy Pylon to join your Zealots and Mothership Core. The Sentries should stay at your natural expansion to provide Force Fields and damage to prevent Zergling run-bys.

Once the Phoenix arrive in position, warp in another round of 3 Zealots and go in for the attack at the Zerg third base. You should have 6 Zealots, 2 Phoenix, and a Mothership Core. Zealots are expendable and should be used to attack enemy Zerglings and Queens as a priority. Do your best to keep the Mothership Core and Phoenix alive, as this opener relies on the Phoenix count to really gain an advantage over the opponent.

Roaches are the big thorn in your side, but you can use Time Warp to help prevent them from kiting your Zealots initially. Once Phoenix count increases, you can use the Phoenix to lift off Roaches to reduce the Zerg's DPS, even though the Phoenix count has to climb to 6+ before you can actually kill off Roaches this way. Just lifting them off and taking them out of the fight is helpful. Once you have 4 Phoenix, you can also lift off Queens and take them down within 1 Graviton Beam.

A good Zerg will try to add on Spore Crawlers to defend against the Phoenix. Keep your Mothership Core and Phoenix out of range of these Spore Crawlers and use your Zealots to focus them down.

The whole idea here is to just trade Zealots for Zerglings, Roaches, and Queens while your Phoenix count climbs. Once you reach 6+ Phoenix, this is where you start getting major momentum. From here, you can fly into the natural and main expansions, pick up Queens, and burst them down. With no Inject Larva, Zerg production will be minimized, and your Zealot count will start to overwhelm the Zerg's Roach count.

With a lot of Phoenix on the field, you can also burst down Overlords. Even if the Zerg has their Overlords clustered over a Spore Crawler and a Queen, you can still take them out without the Zerg penetrating the Phoenix shields. It only takes a couple seconds for a pack of Phoenix to take out a Queen or an Overlord. Any DPS from a Spore Crawler or Queen during this window will not pierce the Phoenix' shields in this short time.

If the Zerg is still holding on, you will notice that your minerals should be building up. Add on 3 more Warpgates and use the extra production to warp in a bigger wave or two of Gateway units and you will overwhelm the Zerg.

As a side note, if you are struggling with Phoenix micro, you can always opt for Void Rays instead of Phoenix. The only downside to that approach is that Void Ray and Zealot combinations are weak against Mutalisks. You will have to keep an eye out for Mutalisk tech so you can switch into Phoenix should the Zerg get out a Spire. 


Going for quick Warp Gate Tech before expanding is an excellent way to take advantage of greedy Zerg opponents who have become too familiar with Forge Fast Expand openers. The Nexus is not delayed much over the Forge Fast Expand build and the fast Warp Gate Research allows you to initiate an early attack against the Zerg.

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