Starcraft 2 Campaign Guide & Walkthrough

Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIt has come to my attention that many players out there have been struggling with unlocking the Starcraft 2 campaign mode achievements without cheating as well as beating all the missions on brutal mode. As a result, I decided to throw a couple of tips together that will allow you to beat nearly any mission.

I have also started to put together individual articles on completing each mission's achievements and adding them on a weekly basis to this list:

Note: Where applicable, the locations of research and other hidden items are located in the Achievements article.

Heart of the Swarm Campaign

Heart of the Swarm Campaign Guide - Strategy (including video walkthroughs) for all the Heart of the Swarm missions and achievements can be found in this section. The rest of this page will focus on the Wings of Liberty campaign.

Research & Armory Upgrades

Research, Mercenaries, & Armory Upgrades Guide - Guide on how to spend your research points and credits so you do hire the best mercenaries and have the best technology and upgrades.

Mar Sara Missions:

Liberation Day Achievements and Brutal Mode Guide

The Outlaws Achievements and Brutal Mode Guide

Zero Hour Hard Achievement (and other Zero Hour achievements)

Zero Hour Brutal Guide


Artifact Missions:

Smash and Grab Brutal Guide

Smash and Grab Achievements (and research)

Yippee-Ki-Yay Achievement (includes all achievements and research)

The Dig Brutal Guide

The Moebius Factor Brutal Guide

The Moebius Factor Hard Core and Alive Inside Achievements (and research)

Supernova Brutal Guide (includes achievements and research)

Maw of the Void Brutal Guide + Achievements


Covert Missions:

The Devil's Playground Brutal Guide

Starcraft 2 The Devil's Playground Achievements (and research)

Welcome to the Jungle Achievements (and research locations)

Welcome to the Jungle Brutal Walkthrough

Breakout Brutal Guide

Breakout Achievements

Ghost of a Chance Brutal Guide

Ghost of a Chance Achievements


Colonist Missions:

The Evacuation Brutal Walkthrough

The Evacuation Sacrifice Nothing Walkthrough (all The Evacuation achievements (and research)

Outbreak Brutal Guide (includes achievements and research)

Safe Haven Brutal Guide

Safe Haven Achievements

Haven's Fall Brutal Guide (includes achievements)


Prophecy Missions:

Whispers of Doom Brutal Guide (includes achievements)

Whispers of Doom Hatchery Locations (Zerg research at this level is hidden)

A Sinister Turn Achievements (and research)

A Sinister Turn Brutal Guide

Echoes of the Future Brutal Guide

Echoes of the Future Achievements (and research)

In Utter Darkness Brutal Guide

In Utter Darkness Achievements (and research)


Rebellion Missions:

The Great Train Robbery Brutal Guide (contains research, achievements, and Diamondback locations)

Cutthroat Brutal Guide (includes achievements and research locations)

Engine of Destruction Brutal Walkthrough

Engine of Destruction Loki and Achievements (includes research)

Media Blitz Brutal Guide

Media Blitz Secret and Achievements (includes hidden mission and achievements)

Piercing the Shroud Brutal Guide (includes achievements) - This mission is unlocked by finding the secret during the Media Blitz mission.


Final Missions:

Gates of Hell Brutal Guide (includes achievements)

Belly of the Beast Brutal Guide (includes achievements)

Shatter the Sky Brutal Guide (includes achievements)

All In Brutal Guide (covers achievements and both air and ground versions as well as multiple technology routes - very extensive guide with a lot of videos)!


Other Campaign Guides

Campaign Feats of Strength Guide - There are 3 Feats of Strength hidden in the Wings of Liberty campaign. This article reveals what they are and provides video guides detailing how to unlock them.

Research, Mercenaries, & Armory Upgrades Guide

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Normally, I am the type of person that buys games just for the online play. However, I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with the campaign mode in Starcraft 2. If you have not yet given it a try, I would highly recommend it. Make sure you have a few hours to set aside though as it can be quite addicting!

If you are still not convinced and just want to win games online, note that Blizzard has said that over time some of these campaign-only units will be making their way into online play with the next expansion, so you should get used to playing them now!

With that said, on with the Starcraft 2 Campaign walkthrough:

Tip #1: Use automated defense and keep them repaired with SCVs.

In online play, getting too many automated structures is a murder because you cannot take them on offense with you. Additionally, enemy players will simply avoid your cannons and kill the units and structures they have access too.
However, in campaign mode, the computer is fond of mini-attacks from various entrances to your base. Additionally, the computer always goes for whatever attacks it first.
As a result, by placing a bunker or two at each entrance to your base will go a long way when your units are away from home. You should also leave an SCV parked idly by your bunkers. The SCV will automatically repair bunkers and damaged units, so you can literally set up a few Bunkers and forget about it.
You can usually put two Bunkers up with Marines and leave an SCV there and forget about defending your base for the rest of the game.

Due to the high value of Bunkers, I prefer to get the turreted Bunker's upgrade over the +HP upgrade. Since you should be using SCVs to keep buildings repaired anyway, the extra health does not do much. The extra damage goes a long way, especially at maps where your supplies and money are limited.

Tip #2: Make extensive use of Hero units
Whenever you have access to Hero units, such as when you are controlling Jim Raynor, Zeratul, or the Odin, you will want to have the hero unit take the bulk of the damage.
You can engage in small fights and then let the hero unit heal, either by Medic (Jim Raynor), SCV (Odin), or shield recharge (Zeratul).
Progress slowly when possible and allow yourself to heal up. Do not allow weaker units like Marines to take the focus fire damage during limited-unit missions as they will often die very quickly.

Tip #3: Hire every Mercenary you can.

Mercenaries are really powerful units that can be used in nearly every mission. Mercenaries do not expire and once you hire them, you can use them in every subsequent mission for no extra credit cost.

Nearly every Mercenary is good, but I have a particular liking of the Siege Tanks and the Battlecruiser. The Battlecruiser is great because it can single-handedly pick off defensive enemy structures while you are building up your army. You can then return it to base and repair it, and repeat this process until you have whittled the enemy down to nearly no HP.

Tip #4: Grab all the resource packs and build a quick army.
Most of the "Brutal" missions are tough because the computer comes fast and early. Oftentimes, the difference between losing and winning these missions
is throwing up a fast bunker and training some units quickly.
At the start of every game, I always throw down a Bunker (when applicable) and scout with a fast unit for resource packs littered near the base. There are typically dozens of these packs in every level, each one supplying you with 100 minerals or 100 vespene gas.
By making extensive use of hero units, building automated defense, and massing up a large army as fast as possible, Brutal missions are a breeze!

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