Starcraft 2 Gold Medal Challenges Guides

Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn this section of the website, you will find strategy guides (including video) that cover all the challenges available in Starcraft 2.

Note: Some players do not realize how to access these challenges or that they even exist. In order to do so, when you log in, click the Starcraft 2 button at the top left and then you will see the "Challenges" option under single player.

There are 3 categories of challenges: Basic, Advanced, and Expert. Despite the name, the challenges under Advanced seem to be the most difficult for most players.

On this page, you will find video guides for all 9 of the challenges. If you want the text-oriented strategy, click on the name of each challenge to be taken to a separate page on that particular challenge.

Basic Challenges - Video Guides

The basic challenges all involve pitting a variety of Terran, Protoss, or Zerg units against waves of enemy units. Once you split up your units, click the ready button, and then you can control your individual units for each wave. To earn gold, you have to lose 10 units or less.

For specific information on the unit splits, click the challenge name below for more specific text-based strategy.

Tactical Command

Path of Ascension

For the Swarm

Advanced Challenges - Video Guides

The advanced challenges task players with using specialist (caster) units to kill large numbers of enemy units. Covert Ops and Infestation are about maxing out damage in a small amount of time, whereas Psionic Assault has players survive against wave after wave of units. Psionic Assault is in my opinion the toughest of all the challenge missions.

Covert Ops

Psionic Assault


Expert Challenges - Video Guides

If some of these videos seem slow, it is because the game speed is set to normal during challenges. The game speed cannot be sped up.

Harbinger of Death

Opening Gambit

Rush Defense

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