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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodThe 2-Base Reaper Hellion timing attack is a two stage attack that is extremely effective against Protoss players who go for a quick expansion.

The first attack involves getting out a handful of Reapers and Marines early to prod at the Protoss opponent. This mini-attack does not even have to do damage to be successful. Its main purpose is to bait the Mothership Core into using its energy.

After the Mothership Core uses its energy, you pull back only to follow up in a minute or two with Hellions. The Hellions are then used to kill as many Probes as possible. No Photon Overcharge significantly improves the ability of the Hellions to take out enemy workers.

Since Hellions are not very good at destroying, it is recommended to make this a two-base timing attack. At the end of your second attack, the goal is to have both expansions up and running and have a big worker lead. You can then transition smoothly into the mid game with a big economic advantage.

2-Base Reaper Hellion Timing Attack Build Order

Here is the build order:

10/11: Supply Depot
12/19: Barracks
13/19: Refinery
15/18: Orbital Command
15/18: Reactor
15/18: Supply Depot
19/27: Reaper x2
20/27: Command Center
23/27: Marine x2
24/27: Factory
24/27: Supply Depot
27/27: Marine x2
30/35: Marine x2
31/46: Orbital Command
31/46: Swap Factory and Barracks
**Move Out the Reapers and Marines and Start Attack #1**
35/46: Hellion x2
36/46: Marine
37/46: Supply Depot
43/54: Hellion x2
44/54: Marine
44/54: Supply Depot
50/54: Hellion x2
51/54: Marine

From here, pull back your forces from Attack #1 and join them with the 6 Hellions and handful of Marines you still have back at your main base. You can then make your major attack with 6 Hellions and 6-10 Marines.

Strategy Considerations for the Build Order

Like any build order, it requires a strategy to execute properly. Below, we will discuss the four most important things to maximize this build order's effectiveness: using it in the right situation, performing the initial attack, performing the main attack, and how to follow up.

When to Use It

This build works best when your opponent goes for a quick expansion. You will want to scout after starting the Barracks to check for the natural expansion. Only go through with the build if you see a Nexus coming down. Even if the Nexus is not a fast Nexus, this build can still work. Use your initial Reapers to keep an eye on the Protoss player to see if they are expanding. Getting out a handful of Marines is a prudent play against 1-base Protoss players anyway, so even if you open with this build order only to change tactics, you will not be behind in a game.

If you see the Protoss player is on a one-base build, it will be wise to keep your Marines at home for Oracle defense and to use your Reapers to scout out the exact tech path of your opponent. Early attacks with Hellions do not work well against Protoss players on one base since getting up the ramp into the main is difficult. It is much easier to attack Probes when there are plenty at the vulnerable natural expansion to take out!

Attack #1

Attack #1 is not a real attack and does not have to inflict any deal damage. The top priority here is forcing the Mothership Core to use Photon Overcharge. This way, it will not have enough energy for a Photon Overcharge. With no Photon Overcharge, Attack #2 (the real attack) will be much more successful.

The second priority is picking off Sentries. Reapers in particular can chase down any enemy Sentries and pick them off. If the Protoss player has a Mothership Core and a Sentry, there will be no gas for Stalkers, and hence nothing to stop your Reapers from enemy Sentries. The Force Field ability can damper Attack #2, so you want to take out Sentries where possible.

After you force the Photon Overcharge and pick off a Sentry or two, it is time to get out. You should not lose more than 1 or 2 Marines in this attack. You do not want to engage the Protoss directly if they have Photon Overcharge. You will want to keep as many Marines and Reapers alive as possible in order to join your Hellions in attack #2.

Sometimes you will catch a Protoss opponent with no Mothership Core and no units that has tried to go for an extremely greedy opener. You can also sometimes kill the Mothership Core with Marines before it has a chance to cast Photon Overcharge if the Protoss player's micro is really sloppy. In these situations, pile on the damage and kill as many Probes as you can! Instead of pulling your units back, keep them on offense and reinforce the attack with your Hellions and Marines as they are produced.

Attack #2

The real attack here is the second attack. As many as 6 Marines and 2 Reapers from the first attack will join the 6 Hellions and 3 Marines produced at home. The maximum size of this fighting force could be 6 Hellions, 9 Marines, and 2 Reapers - a very formidable attack force, particularly when Photon Overcharge is off the table thanks to Attack #1.

Use your Marines and Reapers to provide DPS against Protoss units, while your Hellions should just ignore the opponent's offensive units and focus on taking down Probes in mass quantities. Hellions can target Zealots and Sentries but typically want to ignore Stalkers. With 6 Hellions, you will be 1-shotting large groups of Probes at the natural expansion. After most of the Probes go down at the expansion, try to slip your remaining Hellions into the main base and take down as many Probes as you can there.

Following Up

Since Hellions, Reapers, and unupgraded Marines deal virtually no damage to buildings, odds are the Protoss player will clean up your attack, particularly if they finally get up enough energy for another Photon Overcharge. However, if you played it right, you should have destroyed 15+ Probes, giving you a solid worker lead.

With your natural expansion already established, having such a big worker lead will give you a massive advantage. You can then head down your tech route of choice, adding on more production facilities, an Engineering Bay and an Armory, adding on Medivacs, getting bio upgrades, and so on.

It is generally best to give yourself a few minutes here to macro up and take advantage of your big worker count lead. The most popular follow up attack here is to get out several Medivacs, Stimpack, and a 20-30 supply count Marine and Marauder army before going in again. You also want to add on a Missile Turret or two to stop any desperation Oracles that the Protoss may opt for in an attempt to get back into the game.


While many Terran players struggle to use Hellions effectively against Protoss, this TvP build is a very effective strategy. Since Hellions are rarely used against Protoss, using Hellions works to your advantage, as most Protoss players are not used to seeing or countering an advanced strategy like this one.

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