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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodThe Marauder is an armored bio ground unit with a powerful anti-armored attack. Since the Marauder cannot hit air units and deals double damage to armored units, most light units are able to counter the Marauder.

Every race has at least one hard counters to the Marauder (not including air units). If your Terran opponent too heavily favors Marauders, making any of the units in the list below can help improve your chances of winning the match.

Protoss Marauder Counters

Marauders are the bane of Protoss players since they are so good at destroying Stalkers. The Marauder's Concussive Shell also makes it much easier for Terran players to kite Protoss Gateway forces. Here are some counters to help you out against the Marauder:

  • Zealot (with Charge): While Marauders can kite around Zealots in the early game, once Charge comes out, the kiting becomes less effective. Since Zealots are light units, they barely take damage from Marauders. With a Psionic Storm or two to soften up the bio units, Zealots actually do well against Marauders in the mid to late game.
  • Immortal: Immortals are a strong counter to the Marauder, as long as the Immortals do not get hit by EMP. The Hardened Shells ability reduces Marauder damage to 10 per shot for the first 10 hits, allowing the Immortal to take down the enemy Marauders without risking taking damage itself.
  • Archon: Archons are immune to Concussive Shells, so it is very difficult for Marauders to kite Archons. Archons are not considered armored, so they do not take bonus damage versus Marauders. Finally, Marauders are bio units, so they will take bonus damage from the Archon.
  • Colossi: The Colossus only works against Marauders when the Colossus has some Zealots to tank for it or Sentries to make Force Fields. Do not allow your Colossi to engage enemy Marauders directly without support.
  • Void Ray: Void Rays deal bonus damage to armored units and Marauders are armored units. Void Rays are also good at picking off Medivacs. Void Rays are extremely weak against Marines, so you do not see this counter often, but if the Terran player is heavily favoring Marauders it is not a bad option.

Massive Protoss air units are strong against the Marauder, but a good Terran player will be try to avoid these flyers given how slow they are compared to Medivacs and stimmed up Marauders.

Terran Marauder Counters

Marauders are easy to counter as Terran. While there are not many unit counters to the Marauder, at least one of the counters on the list below are commonly used in virtually all TvT match-ups.

  • Marines: With Combat Shield, Stimpack, and Medivac support, Marines will easily defeat Marauders. Marines are cheaper too as an added bonus.
  • Siege Tanks: Siege Tanks in Siege Mode quickly take down Marauders. However, Siege Tanks can be surprised by Marauders if the tanks have no support. Hellbats make good support on the ground, preventing Marauders from getting too close. Vikings or Missile Turrets can help prevent Medivacs from dropping Marauders on top of your Siege Tanks.
  • Hellbats: Hellbats do well against Marauders in a straight-up fight. However, enemy Marauders can kite Hellbats easily. Make your Hellbats unkitable by using them with Siege Tanks. If the Marauders want to be in range of Hellbats, the Marauders will have to take damage from nearby Siege Tanks.

Air units are good against the Marauder as well, if they can catch it. Stimpack and Medivacs can help the Marauder evade units like the Battlecruiser or Banshee.

Zerg Marauder Counters

Zerg players have an easy time stopping the Marauder. Since Marauders are easy to counter for Zerg, Terran players using MMM end up spending most of their supply count on Marines rather than Marauders. For the Terran who decides to go heavy on the Marauders, here are some good unit counters:

  • Zerglings: Zerglings work great against Marauders, but only with Metabolic Boost and equal upgrades. If the Marauder gains an armor advantage, the Zerglings cannot punch through the healing power of the Medivac.
  • Hydralisks: As light ground units with high DPS, Hydralisks easily handle Marauders. The strength of the Hydralisk against the Marauder is a common reason why mass Hydralisks and Roaches has become a good strategy to use against Terran bio forces.
  • Mutalisks: Mutalisks are great at sniping Marauders and Medivacs. Mutalisks are also fast enough to catch Marauders. While Mutalisks often cannot be used directly against bio Terran forces due to the Marine, Mutalisks can be used to shut down small drops featuring Marauders and are particularly good at intercepting reinforcing Marauders that are streaming across the map undefended.
  • Infestor: Fungal Growth can lock down Marauders, keeping them trapped in place for Zerglings and Ultralisks to surround. While Marauders normally can kite Ultralisks, Fungal Growth can lock them in place allowing the Ultralisk to take them down.
  • Brood Lords: Brood Lords are good against all Terran ground units and Marauders are no exception.

Most of the time, players will use Zerglings or Hydralisks to engage large numbers of Marauders directly. Just make sure you do not fall behind in upgrades or this battle might not go very well.

Marauder Counter Video Guide

The video guide below demonstrates how to micro your units to counter the Marauder in Starcraft 2. All of the counters in the list above are demonstrated in the guide:


Countering the Marauder in Starcraft 2 is no problem if you use the counters listed in this guide. Immortals, Siege Tanks, and Hydralisks are common units that are particularly good at countering the Marauder.

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