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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodOne of the best Zerg build orders to use against Protoss players involves focusing heavily on upgrades while massing Zerglings. In large enough numbers, these can be used to deny the Protoss third for an extended period of time while the Zerg works towards Ultralisks.

Before you dismiss this build, keep in mind this build was used successfully in a tournament setting (WCS 2013 semifinals) by one of the top Zerg players in the world at the time, Jaedong. He was able to beat First, one of the top Protoss players in the world with this exact build.

The key to using this build successfully is not skimping on the Zerglings. Sure, a handful of Zerglings here and there can be taken down flawlessly by a Protoss player using Force Field. However, if the Zergling forces get large enough, you can eventually bleed enemy Sentries dry of Force Field energy. Immortals and Sentries never fair well against Zerglings and with an upgrade advantage for the Zerg, even Zealots do not stack up well against Zerglings.

Mass Zerglings into Ultralisks Build Order

9/10: Overlord
15/18: Hatchery
16/18: Spawning Pool
17/18: Overlord
21/28: Queen x2
22/28: Zerglings
22/28: Hatchery (at third)
24/28: Extractor
25/28: Overlord
28/28: Overlord
31/36: Queen
35/44: Overlord
37/46: Metabolic Boost
47/54: Zerglings x5
52/54: Overlord
53/54: Extractor
57/62: Evolution Chamber x2
60/70: Overlord (sacrifice 1 Overlord here for scouting)
61/70: Melee Ground Weapons & Melee Carapace +1
69/70: Overlord
70/78: Spore Crawler x3 (1 at each base)
70/78: Extractor
70/78: Lair
73/78: Zerglings x3
75/86: Queen
80/86: Overlord
81/86: Overlord
91/94: Zerglings x10

This late in the build, things can change depending upon the moves of the opponent. You may have to get out Zerglings a little earlier to stop a 3 Gate/Stargate play. You will need to make even more Zerglings against a 6-Gate Robo play. You can defend these plays, you just need a lot of Zerglings to stop these attacks.

Once you reach 70 Drones (which should happen by the 10 minute mark), you can cut Drone production and focus entirely on Zerglings. Use your gas to add on an Infestation Pit and start +2/2 melee ground and carapace upgrades as soon as +1/1 finishes. As soon as the Infestation Pit finishes, start a Hive. When the gas and minerals become available, research Pathogen Glands at the Infestation Pit.

The Hive should finish around the same time as +2/2. While the Hive is training, add on 5 Infestors and 5 Queens. Allow these to hide and bank up energy while continue Zergling pressure delays the Protoss third. The Queens will actually be used on offense to provide light anti-air support and Transfuse for Ultralisks.

Once the Hive finishes, start +3/3 and add on an Ultralisk Cavern. Try to hide the Ultralisk Cavern. Research Chitinous Plating plus Adrenal Glands and bank up gas. Build about 8 Ultralisks once all your upgrades are 60 seconds from finishing. Finally, add on 3 Vipers with full energy. These will be good for 6 Abducts or Blinding Cloud and 3 Abducts. Fill up the rest of your supply cap with Zerglings and Queens.

As soon as the Ultralisks spawn and your upgrades finish, move in immediately with your Infestors, Queens, Zerglings, Vipers and Ultralisks. A good army composition would be 7 Queens (14 supply), 8 Ultralisks (48 supply), 5 Infestors (10 supply), 3 Vipers (9 supply), 80 Zerglings (40 supply). The rest of your supply cap space would be spent on Drones and Queens at each of your 3 bases.

Strategy for Using the Build

In order to keep disruption of the build to a minimum, you need to use your initial Zerglings to block any Probes that try to escape the Protoss main. This will prevent the Protoss from hiding proxy Pylons. Once you have 10 Zerglings, you can patrol the map to look for proxy Pylons that might have slipped by. Destroy these Pylons and the Protoss will not be able to surprise you with an attack. This allows the Zerg to focus fully on macro and Drone production.

To prevent the Protoss player from taking a third, you will need waves of 30-40 Zerglings. If the first wave gets shut down by Force Fields, keep what you can alive and send it in again after Force Fields wear off. Eventually the Sentries will tap out of energy.

To prevent Phoenix harass, this build adds on 1 Spore Crawler in each mineral line plus focuses heavily on Queen production. This should be all you need to take down Phoenix in the early to mid game. Phoenix do not have the energy to pick up Zerglings.

Use your Zergling packs to delay the Protoss third as much as possible. Your limiting resource is time here. You will need to reach the ~15 minute mark before all your upgrades finish and you are ready to move out. You cannot let the Protoss sit back and max out during this time. You will have plenty of spare minerals with this build, so regularly make 30-40 Zerglings and send them in whenever you have an opening. Try not to let the Protoss third go up before the 13:00 mark.

When you actually make your attack, your micro is important. Ultralisks are somewhat clumsy and can be outranged by building walls and Immortals. Use Blinding cloud on Immortal/Sentry/Stalker packs that are behind ramps. Use Abduct to pull forward Colossi and burn them down immediately. Use Transfuse to keep Ultralisks alive. Use Fungal Growth to lock down enemy units and Infested Terrans to take out Void Rays.

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