Media Blitz Secret and Hard Achievement

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn this article, I will be revealing the location of the Media Blitz secret as well as how you can unlock all the achievements including Blitzkrieg achievement.

Media Blitz Secret Location

You can unlock a secret mission by recovering the secret documents during the Media Blitz mission.

In order to unlock it, you have to send some units to the bottom right corner of the map. The location is marked on the mini-map below inside the white trapezoid:

Media Blitz Secret

There, you will find a Science Facility which you must destroy: 

media blitz secret location

After killing it, a small item which you can then collect called "Secret Documents" will pop out in front of the destroyed building. Collect it with a ground unit and you unlock the secret mission.

Blitzkrieg Media Blitz Hard Mission Walkthrough

The Blitzkrieg achievement is unlocked by beating Media Blitz in under 20 minutes on hard difficulty. This pretty fast time window, but can be unlocked without too much of a challenge simply by letting the Odin do most of the work.

  • Kill the northeastern base during the surprise attack. You should be able to take out the entire base.

  • As soon as the surprise attack ends, send your Odin to take out the eastern base. Kill the entire thing with just the Odin and then cap the tower. Before capping the tower, bring 2-3 SCVs to repair the Odin.

  • In Hard Mode, the computer will not attack the SCVs, so when capping the eastern tower just keep your SCVs on auto-repair on the Odin (keep them behind the Odin so they do not take any splash damage).

  • Once the Tanks and Diamond Backs in front of the Odin start to pile up, use the Barrage ability to kill them all in one hit.

  • You will need SCVs on auto-repair duty so you can take out the Battlecruiser that comes when you are capping the tower.

  • Meanwhile, while the Odin is doing its business in the eastern base, you need to build up your main base. If you can, train 2 Science Vessels as soon as possible. Next, built about 4 Thors (plus the one you already have). This 6 Thor and 2 Science Vessel army is plenty to take out the final base.

  • If you do not have Science Vessels, bring about 5 SCVs for repair duty. 

  • As soon as the Odin finishes capping off the Eastern base, bring it back home and send it on the to the northwestern base immediately. There is no time to waste.

  • Leave a few Thors on defense to deal with the Raven / Goliath invasion. As soon as that ends, immediately send those in on offense as well. Your entire army should be on offense at about the 14 minute mark.

  • As you are clearing the final Terran base, note that you do not need to kill off non-offensive buildings like Command Centers and Supply Depots. Only kill the unit-producing buildings such as the Barracks and Starports.

  • As soon as you can get the Odin to the northwestern tower, have it start capping and keep 2 SCVs on repair duty. Meanwhile, with your army of 5-6 Thors, start clearing the rest of the base out and then head for the final tower.

  • It takes about a full minute to cap a tower, so you have at the final tower by the 19 minute mark to win and unlock the Blitzkrieg Achievement.

By letting the Odin do all the hard work, the Blitzkrieg Achievement is easy! Here is a video showing how to beat the mission on Brutal in under 20 minutes. Unlocking the secret part of the mission is shown around the 12:20 mark.

Seek and Destroy Achievement

This achievement is unlocked by killing a Barracks, Factory, and Starport with the Odin during the sneak attack on normal mode. It is pretty easy: head to the northwestern base look on the map and you will find a Factory, Barracks, and Starport in the northwestern base. Focus them down, unlock the achievement, then abort the mission.

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