Starcraft 2 Proxy 2-Gate Rush (PvT) Build Order

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIf you are looking for a fast game and potentially a fast win in PvT, the proxy 2-Gate rush is one of your best bets. This rush specializes in destroying Terran players who have taken to opening with a Command Center before Barracks in Protoss vs Terran Starcraft 2 matches.

Note: Proxy refers to building a structure outside of your main base. In this case, we will tuck a Pylon just outside the opponents base (close by ground but in a hidden spot) and build our Gateways and tech structures at this proxy Pylon.

This is an all-in build order. Like with any proxy rush, it has the potential to backfire. However, unlike some other proxies which are meant to just inflict damage and get ahead in a game (like a proxy Oracle rush), if you fail to kill your opponent with the proxy 2-Gate, you are probably going to lose the game.

As a result, this build is a high risk build and almost certainly considered cheese. However, if you have a match history against your Terran opponent and know that the particular player you are going against always opens with an early Command Center, this can be a way to lock up a sure-fire win plus prevent that player from going for such a greedy opening against you in future matches.

Proxy 2-Gate Rush Build Order (with Vespene Gas)

7/10: Send out a Probe for the proxy
10/10: Pylon
11/18: Gateway
12/18: Assimilator
12/18: Gateway
12/18: Cybernetics Core
14/18: Pylon
16/18: Stalker
18/18: Stalker
18/18: Pylon (back at main)
..continue to pump Zealots and Stalkers. You can start producing Probes at home as well to ramp up your economy.

Executing the Attack

As soon as the first Zealot comes out, you will want to send it in and prod at the Terran front door. If the Terran went for Command Center first, it is possible that there is either no wall in or there are no Marines out. If there are no Marines out, just have the Zealot start beating on the Supply Depot wall in. If there is nothing but SCVs and no wall in, the Zealot can go in and start attacking workers right away.

If there is a wall in and there are Marines behind it, pull the Zealot back to safety while you wait for the Stalkers to come out. Its shields will regenerate and you can send it back in when the first two Stalkers arrive.

The Stalkers will arrive shortly after and can be used to start attacking the opponent. If there are no Marines or SCVs repairing, focus down the Supply Depots so you can break into the base. If Marines or SCVs are behind the wall (the most likely scenario), use the Stalkers to focus these down. Stalkers can out-range Marines, so your Zealot should tank most of this damage.

The priority of focus-fire for the Stalkers in order of most important to least important is: SCVs constructing Bunkers, Marines, SCVs repairing, and finally buildings blocking your way into the Terran base. SCVs building bunkers have to go down first. After that, Marines are your priority. You cannot afford to lose any units. Killing a couple of SCVs is not a big win here because you only have 12 or so Probes at home while the enemy may have 20+ SCVs.

The biggest counter to the build is if a Terran player manages to get a Bunker up at the ramp to their main base. Use your Stalkers to prevent this Bunker from going up by focusing down constructing SCVs as a priority. If you can keep killing SCVs in this manner, your second set of Stalkers may arrive before the enemy can get a Bunker up. If you pull this off, you win the game.

Continue to pump units out of your 2 Gateways. You really are going all-in here. There is almost no chance of winning the game if this attack fails. Be careful with your units and try to let their numbers build up. Attack where the opponent is weak. For example, if you have 5 Stalkers and the enemy built a Bunker in their mineral line, forget about their workers for awhile.

Instead, use your Stalkers to kill off any Supply Depots and Barracks outside of the protection of the Bunker while your Stalker count increases. If you destroy all means of production for the Terran, then eventually your army will be much larger than the Terran forces at which point you can make your final assault on the Terran's bunker.

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