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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodBelly of the Beast is the second to last mission in Starcraft 2's Wings of Liberty Campaign. In this mission, players are tasked with using 4 hero units - Raynor, Tychus Findlay, Stetmann, and Swann in order to clear large amounts of Zerg.

Players can rescue some Marines, Medics, and Firebats, but for the most part, the Hero units are the bulk of your army.

They each have a special ability:

Jim Raynor: Penetrator Rounds, a 300 damage shot which pierces everything in its trajectory way off the screen. It can kill a Spine Crawler in 1 hit. It has a 20 second cooldown

Tychus Findlay: Shredder Grenades, an AoE attack which deals 200 instant damage. It has a 20 second cooldown. This is good for using both for direct damage to a single powerful target as well as taking out groups of weaker enemies like Roaches and Banelings.

Rory Swann: Flaming Betty, an auto-turret that uses a flame attack. While it does AoE damage, its major use is as a tank - it has a lot of health and does not seem to take much damage from the enemy. It has a 45 second duration and cooldown.

Egon Stetmann: Heal. Stetmann uses heal just like a medic, but instead of the 3-5 HP healed per second offered by the Medic or Medivac, Stetmann's heal is able to restore 25 health per second. Stetmann does compete with medics for healing, so you may want to consider killing off any Medics (or saving them for the Queen battle), as Medics can interfere with Stetmann's more powerful healing abilities. Stetmann will also automatically heal to full and recover his energy is left out of combat for 10 seconds.

Beating this mission is all about mastering these abilities and using them frequently.

Choosing Between Belly of the Beast and Shatter the Sky

As far as the story line goes, Belly is a choice mission - you have to choose between Belly of the Beast and Shatter the Sky.

If you choose Belly of the Beast, you will not have to face Nydus Worms in the final All In mission. If you choose Shatter the Sky, you will not have to choose Mutalisks.

Picking Belly of the Beast is generally considered to make the final "All In" mission harder than Shatter the Sky, but that is arguable. What it really comes down to is whether or not you have the Hive Mind Emulator. If you have this technology, you can use the Hive Mind Emulator to mind control Broodlords. Broodlords make the All In mission incredibly easy since they can handle Kerrigan by swarming her with Broodlings.

If you chose the Psi Disruptor instead of the Hive Mind Emulator, you should pick Shatter the Sky, as dealing with the Nydus Worms only requires Banshees, no special technology needed!

Starcraft 2 Belly of the Beast Brutal Video Walkthrough

This video below demonstrates how to complete Belly of the Beast on Brutal mode. The only difficult part of this mission is the battle with the Queen and saving the final set of marines. Strategy discussed below the video.

Part 1

Part 2

Key Strategy Points for Belly of the Beast & Queen Boss Fight

  • Try to rescue all 3 unit packs (one on each map), but when you do, kill the Medics. Medics only heal a few health per second and they interfere with Stetmann's much more powerful healing. Killing off your own medics will actually save you many units in the long run.
  • Try to rescue the final set of marines. Saving a big group of Marines from the Omegalisk makes the final Queen battle so much easier. To do this, use Penetrator Round to kill off any Spine Crawlers and then throw down a Flaming Betty. Focus all your damage on the Omegalisk while your Flaming Betty tanks any weaker units. You can use Shredder Grenade to kill any packs of weak units and use Penetrator Round on the Omegalisk to help take it down.
  • When fighting the Queen, there is a certain order of actions. As soon as the Queen goes for eggs, drop a Flaming Betty between the Queen and the charge. Then, use your units to attack the Queen and the units she spawns. As soon as she is finished popping eggs, she will attack you, and her damage is huge. When she turns around, run behind the Flaming Betty and let Betty tank for you.
  • When the Queen pops when she has 1000 health, she starts to stun you and does not pop eggs. Make sure you throw down a Flaming Betty before she emerges at 1000 health so you have a tank when she pops, otherwise you can lose a lot of units before you come out of stun.
  • Use Penetrator Round and Shredder Grenade when the Queen turns to attack you. Do not use them when she is popping eggs, as she is not very threatening at that time. It is better to use them when she turns to attack you since she will automatically burrow at 3000, 2000, and 1000 health.

Belly of the Beast One Shot Fifty Kills & Unbreakable Achievements

The three achievements available in Belly of the Beast are as follows:

  • Belly of the Beast - Unlocked by completing this mission on Normal mode.
  • Unbreakable - Unlocked by beating the mission on Normal mode without letting any of your heroes get incapacitated.
  • One Shot, Fifty Kills! - Kill 50 units or more in a single Penetrator Round on Hard or Brutal mode.

Guide for Unbreakable

The keys to this achievement  are killing off any rescued medics as well as rescuing the final set of marines. Here is a video guide demonstrating how to beat this mission:

Unbreakable Video Guide Part 1

Unbreakable Video Guide Part 2

Guide for One Shot, Fifty Kills!

In order to unlock One Shot, Fifty Kills!, you will need to head to the second map screen, which you get to after you plant and successfully defend the first charge. Below, you will see a video demonstrating how to unlock this achievement and the spot on the map where you can complete it:

The trick here is to just save the game once you get to the spot shown in the video above. That way, if you mess up, you can re-load the game and try again without having to repeat the entire first map.

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