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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn this article, I will be going over some strategies needed to beat the "Breakout" mission in brutal mode.

This mission in and of itself is not very hard, but it does require some patience and some decent micro.

Unlike the majority of the missions which put your macro skills to the test, Breakout only gives you control of a single unit: Tosh.

Fortunately, Tosh has a lot of great abilities which make this mission a breeze if you have the right strategy.

Step-by-Step Breakout Brutal Guide

Part 1


Part 2

We can break down this mission into 5 "tasks" - destroying the three main bases and rescuing the two sets of prisoners.

Step 1: First Base

To break into the first base, start by climbing up the ramp to the left of the base. From up here, you will be able to pick off a Siege Tank, a Bunker, and a handful of units.

As you attack the Bunker, watch for any SCVs in the base that may come to repair the building. If you see them, immediately Mindblast the area and kill them off with Tosh.

Once you kill off what you can from the safe platform, sit back and wait for your troops to come assist you. Use the Medics to heal Tosh. When Tosh is fully healed, push forward, right up the center of the base with Tosh.

Use Mindblast on the group of units that comes to meet your units, then use Tosh's shield and take out the close Missile Turret. After you kill off that Missile Turret, you can move Tosh to the bottom right part of the base and kill off the Factory without being detected. With the Factory and final Siege Tank dead, clearing this base is easy.

Step 2: Path between First and Second Base

At this point you do get the "consume" ability which Tosh can use on Marauders to get almost a full energy refill. Get Tosh up to full HP and Energy and around the base through the small passage-way (there is an arrow on the ground).

Once Tosh emerges from the back, he can pick off all the Siege Tanks and the SCVs that come to repair them. With these units dead, taking out the rest of the base is easy.

Step 3: Rescue #1

To rescue the first set of Prisoners, you are on your own with Tosh. Throw down 3 Mindblasts on the group of Infantry there and you will kill them outright. Note that there is no cool-down on Mindblast. Use your shield and go in and finish off the Tank and it is very easy.

Step 3: Second Base

The second base is a bit tougher, but there is no time limit, so be sure not to rush. Move Tosh up the hidden ramp and head towards the back. Use Tosh's Shield and use Mindblast on the Raven (look at the shadow on the ground it leaves rather than trying to cast "on" the unit) and then take it out.

With the Raven dead, you can easily take out the Siege Tank and any other unit or structure from this high area. The Raven provided the units on the ground sight for the ledge - nothing can hit you from up here with the Raven dead. In other words, detectors do not matter from on this ledge with all the air units dead.

From here, head back to the main entrance and fight with your reinforcements. This is tricky and you do not want to rush - focus on taking out 1 building at a time with each push of units.

The most important thing you can do with Tosh is to kill off the computer's reinforcements by using Mindblast twice in a row as the Marines, Medics, and Hellions pour in. Use Consume on Marauders regularly to keep your HP up.

Eventually, you will break through just by using Mindblast repeatedly. Remember to pick off any SCVs as well that you see - Mindblast works here as well

Step 4: Rescue #2

Once again, Mind Blast is all it takes. Wait for the Raven to move out of position, head to the other side of the base, and Mind Blast the group of clumped units three times in a row.

Pop your shield, move in, and finish off everything else that is still alive. Move up right next to the Siege Tank in order to reduce its damage.

Step 5: Final Base

The Final Base is the trickiest part, especially if you waste your nukes. Drop 1 Nuke right on the entrance as soon as you get access to them. This will allow you to push forward with Tosh and your units.

From here, clear out the area slowly, sticking with your waves of units and using Mind Blast and Consume liberaly. You will want to clear a space so you can nuke the final ramp. Nuke that (pop your shield as you do), then back out until the next wave arrives.

When your next wave arrives, push up the ramp and drop two Nukes - one on each side, trying to hit as many tanks and units as you can with it. With these dead, you can easily pick off the buildings.

I recommend killing off the Starports (and the Ravens they produce) as quickly as possible as these will be able to detect Tosh.

With the final base down, the Breakout mission is complete on Brutal.

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