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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodThe Covert Ops challenge tasks players with using Ghosts and Ravens, the primary Terran spellcasters, to destroy a large number of units in a limited amount of time.

In order to earn the gold medal, players have to get 175 kills before time is up. With the strategy outlined in this guide, this is very simple, as I have been able to get as many as 270 kills with the strategy outlined below.

The trick to beating this mission while unlocking the gold medal is to use nukes to kill off the Spine Crawlers and offensive units and then use the Raven's auto-turrets to kill the remaining undefended buildings. Auto Turrets are strong versus everything but Spine Crawlers, so if you take out the Spine Crawlers with nukes, your auto turrets will deal a lot of damage on the enemy.

Covert Ops Gold Medal Video Walkthrough

This video guide below shows an easy way to beat Covert Ops. Follow the video and you will have more than enough kills to unlock the gold medal.

Step by Step Covert Ops Strategy Guide

As mentioned earlier, the trick to beating Covert Ops is to use your Nukes on most of the Spine Crawlers and then drop your auto-turrets around undefended buildings. Here is a graphic that will help explain this better:

nuke locations covert ops

These numbers will be referenced below, allowing us to explain the situation much easier.

  • Step 1: Send 3 ghosts up towards the small base at #1, dropping a nuke on that base. The Ghosts should be cloaked so you can kill the Roaches and Hydra on the way to the base. They can also attack the Mutalisks just south fo the number 2.
  • Step 2: From the high ground where #1 is, drop a nuke on the base marked with a #2. Do not focus on killing units but rather killing the Spine Crawlers cwith your nuke.
  • Step 3: Send one Ghost up the middle to drop a nuke on section #3. Be careful not to get too close to the Spine Crawlers.
  • Step 4: Send your remaining ghosts towards base number 4, cloaked, with an attack move. This will let them kill the Mutalisks and Zerglings on the way to base 4 while you do other things. Do not attack base 4 - just kill the Mutalisks and Zerglings on the way to it.
  • Step 5: Send all but one of your Ravens to the "#1" on the map. Drop 3 auto turrets around the remaining building there.
  • Step 6: After dropping a few turrets around the building at section #1, fly your Ravens into what is left of base #2 and drop about 15 auto turrets. Try to fill up all the spaces with turrets. These will clear out the Drones, the Hatchery, and the other various buildings and units up there. This alone practically gets you the achievement.
  • Step 7: Drop a nuke on the unit cluster at #4.
  • Step 8: Use your one separate Raven to drop a few Turrets at the newly cleared #4.
  • Step 9: Use your Ghosts to kill off the units on the way to section 6.
  • Step 10: Use auto turrets to clear out around section #3, then drop a nuke on #5.
  • Step 11: Drop a nuke on #6.
  • Step 12: Move up the ramp with all your ghosts towards #7. Once you get there, manually kill the Overseer/Mutalisks with your Ghosts.
  • Step 13: Drop the remaining nuke on #7.


This strategy will give you at least 250 kills. You realy only need to get through step 7 or 8 in order to get the amount of kills required for the gold medal.

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