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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodEnemy Within is the final Kaldir mission in Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm. It is an action-based mission that does not rely on macroing at all but instead controlling a unique hero unit.

This particular unit grows by gathering Biomass throughout the mission. Once the small creature you start with grows into a Broodmother, which you can use to constantly spawn free and fast-morphing units. The key to beating this mission is to be constantly spawning units and keeping your Broodmother at a safe distance.

Enemy Within - Kerrigan Levels

Completing Enemy Within does not result in any Kerrigan levels by itself. There is one bonus level you can earn by making sure that you mind control the second Giant Ursadon before the Protoss-controlled units are able to kill it.

Starcraft 2 Enemy Within Achievement List

There are 4 achievements available for players to unlock during the Enemy Within mission:

Enemy Within: Unlocked by completing all mission objectives in the Enemy Within mission (any difficulty).

Biomass Effect: Unlocked by collecting 450 total Biomass during the Enemy Within mission (any difficulty). This is not hard to do as there is actually 460 Biomass available during this mission and you can even get another 25 if you sacrifice the second Giant Ursadon. None of the Biomass is particularly hidden, you just have to be sure to take your time and collect from each creature that you see.

Failure to Launch: Unlocked by not letting an Escape Pod reach less than 20 seconds in the "Enemy Within" mission (Normal difficulty or higher). This achievement can be done very easily on Normal mode, as in this difficulty mode you get to have a much larger army with the Broodmother. Use all Hydralisks or Zerglings. Do not use Roaches, as the DPS is too low, and survivability is worthless when you can spawn an unlimited number of free units.

Monster Smash: Unlocked by using the Giant Ursadons to destroy 15 units (Hard difficulty or higher). The first Giant Ursadon will get 7 kills before you have to sacrifice it, so really you only need 8 total kills. There is a guide for this achievement below:

Enemy Within: Monster Smash Achievement Guide

Monster Smash may seem difficult at first, but there are a few things you can do to make this achievement much easier. First, understand that you only need to get 8 kills with the second Giant Ursadon, as you should have earned 7 kills with the first one. Even then, the second Giant Ursadon can die very easily, so there are a few things you have to do in order to unlock this achievement.

As soon as you enter the room with the second Giant Ursadon, you need to control it before you do anything else. If you do this, the Ursadon will usually get 1-3 kills in this room as you clear out the Protoss units. This certainly makes things much easier.

Once you have cleared out the room where the Ursadon is, note that there is no timer that is forcing you to go anywhere. What you want to do is just stand there with the Giant Ursadon next to your Broodmother. It may take a few minutes, but eventually your Giant Ursadon will heal to full HP (units standing next to the Broodmother slowly regenerate). At this point, save your game. If you mess up, you can reload the game at this save point, which is very convenient.

Now, in the next room, you want to push forward with Hydralisks, and leave your Broodmother and Ursadon in the back. Use the Hydralisks to take out the high threat units, such as any Archons or Immortals. Be sure not to kill any Sentries.

After you weaken the enemy's tough units, you can run in with your Giant Ursadon and kill off the weak Sentries and Stalkers. You will find the Ursadon lives much longer when there are no Archons or Immortals burning it down. You will want to use Zerglings with the Giant Ursadon as they will soak up enemy damage and are good at destroying the Launch Shuttles.

Monitor the kills on the Giant Ursadon so you know how well you are progressing. While technically you only need 8 kills, you have to be sure that the Ursadon did not kill any Zerg or Protoss units before you were able to mind control it. For this reason, I recommend getting 10 kills with the Giant Ursadon to be safe.

Sometimes, your Zerglings or Hydralisks may steal too many kills and the achievement can be hard to get. This is why saving the game right before you go in helps so much - if you keep trying it eventually the Ursadon will get the kills you need.

Monster Smash Video Guide

Here is a video guide demonstrating how to unlock the Monster Smash achievement:

Enemy Within Brutal Mode Video Guide

As Enemy Within is a dungeon-crawl mission with a hero unit that relies on micro rather than a traditional strategy-based mission, a video guide is better suited for this particular mission. Here is a video walkthrough to beat Enemy Within on brutal mode:

There are two key take-aways from this mission. First, you should always be making Zerglings or Hydralisks with your Broodmother (Roaches are not the best choice, due to low DPS). Secondly, when you are rushing to destroy the shuttles, do not try to go up the southernmost ramp where the Sentries are. They will Force Field the ramp and mess everything up. Instead, go the long way around. This will also allow you to pick off the last shuttle, which is where most people fail during this mission.

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