Starcraft 2 Campaign Feats of Strength Achievements Guide

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn Starcraft 2, there are some hidden achievements that you can unlock during the campaign that are known as "Feats of Strength.

These Feats of Strength do not appear anywhere in the post-mission dialogue nor are you informed of their requirements. Instead, these achievements only appear once you perform the required action during a mission.

Feats of Strength Achievement List

There are currently 3 Feats of Strength available in the campaign in Starcraft 2:

  • You'ze So Crazy - Unlocked by destroying all the Protoss forces during the Welcome to the Jungle mission on normal difficulty. Doing this will end the mission in a victory, regardless of the amount of gas harvested.
  • The Scenic Route - Unlocked by destroying all the Zerg buildings during the "The Devil's Playground" mission on normal difficulty. Note that the mission does not end when you kill all the Zerg buildings - you must collect the 8000 minerals for it to end.
  • Monster Mash - Unlocked by using the ARES machine to kill the Brutalisk in Piercing the Shroud on normal mode.

Note that there are other Feats of Strength in Starcraft 2 that you can unlock, typically by buying collector's editions of Blizzard games or attending Blizzcon. The Feats of Strength in this article however are the only ones you can unlock during the campaign.

You'ze So Crazy Video Guide

You'ze So Crazy is a very easy Feat of Strength to unlock. Build a large army of Marines, Marauders, and Medics, and go in once you have about 150/200 supplies. In the mean time, use a small force to stop the Protoss from capping the Tal'Darim altars. You do not need to cap any gas of your own.

The Scenic Route Video Guide

The Scenic Route is also a very simple Feat of Strength to unlock as the Zerg's forces are rather weak on normal mode. The only thing you have to be careful about is not collecting the 8000 resources too early, as you need to destroy all the Zerg buildings before the mission ends. If you start to get too many resources from all the pellets on the ground, stop harvesting with your SCVs and build a few extra Command Centers to keep your mineral count down.

Monster Mash Video Guide

While Monster Mash is easy, unlike the other Feats of Strength, it is highly unlikely that you will stumble upon this achievement on your own. In order to unlock it, you have to use the A.R.E.S. machine to kill the Brutalisk in the hidden Piercing the Shroud mission.

The trick to doing this is to ignore the A.R.E.S. and clear all the enemy units up to the Brutalisk. Split your army so you have one Marine on the A.R.E.S. summoning console and another Marine by the Brutalisk. Summon the A.R.E.S. and run it up to the Brutalisk. Only release the Brutalisk when the A.R.E.S. is in position. Be sure to pick anti-armor missiles for the A.R.E.S.

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