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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodFire in the Sky is the second Char mission in the Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm campaign. This mission tasks players with destroying the enemy base while dealing with a steady stream of high-powered Battlecruisers that can only be destroyed by spreading creep to

This mission and its achievements can be very easy, but only if you allow it to be. The key thing to know is that each Gorgon Battlecruiser spawns shortly after you destroy the previous one, and the Gorgons always start at the east end of the map and slowly crawl across to the west end. Therefore, you want to wait as long as possible before destroying each Gorgon, particularly the first one. The game tries to get you to destroy the first one as soon as the mission starts, but if you ignore this and wait until it gets really close to your base, you give yourself a few extra minutes!

Fire in the Sky - Kerrigan Levels & Zerg Bio-Mass Locations

While completing Fire in the Sky will not give you any Kerrigan levels in itself, there are 3 bonus levels available during the Fire in the Sky mission, which are unlocked by collecting the 3 Zerg Biomass samples. Simply move Kerrigan to the spots below marked with blue circles:

Fire in the Sky Zerg Biomass Locations

Starcraft 2 Fire in the Sky Achievements List

There are 4 achievements that you can unlock during the Fire in the Sky mission in Heart of the Swarm:

Fire in the Sky: Unlocked by completing all mission objectives in the Fire in the Sky mission (any difficulty).

Red Alert: Unlocked by losing less than 5 units to the Gorgon Battlecruiser (any difficulty). Do not keep your units in the center portion of the map and do not run under a Gorgon and this is easy.

Command & Conquer: Unlocked by killing the 3 Terran Orbital Commands (Normal difficulty or higher). Here are their locations marked on the map in blue circles (the green cross-hair is a scourge nest.

Fire in the Sky Orbital Commands

The bottom left base can be taken down by Kerrigan alone. The top left base can be slowly killed by Kerrigan as well, but it is easier if you use a handful of Queens. The bottom right base is heavily defended. If you try to do this achievement while beating it on Brutal mode, make sure you have a large army first before you go in with your units.

Going, Going, Gorgon!: Unlocked by destroying 4 Gorgon Battlecruisers within 120 seconds of each other. This means that you will need to activate 4 Scourge Nests within 120 seconds of one another. Below, you will find a guide for exactly how to do this:

Going, Going, Gorgon! Achievement Guide

This achievement is not too difficult if you follow the strategy that I am going to outline for you below. The key is to wait as long as possible before activating the first few Scourge Nests, and while this is happening, you should spread creep all over the map. This way, you will have 4 Creep Tumors in position ready to activate the final 4 Scourge Nests all at the same time.

Here are the steps to completing this achievement:

  • As soon as the mission starts, start Droning up. Do not activate the Scourge Nest in your base!
  • Use Kerrigan to get the resource pellets directly to the south, then have her clear out around in the south to get more resource pellets while the first Gorgon slowly creeps across the map.
  • Use these resources to build a quick second Hatchery.
  • Meanwhile, back at your main base, keep training Drones in order to fully saturate your mineral and gas lines.
  • Once saturated, build 2 extra Hatcheries and start making Queens.
  • Build a handful of Spine Crawlers at the edge of your base, in between the first and second scourge nest. This will be your defense against a variety of enemy attacks.
  • Once the first Gorgon gets close to the second Scourge nest, activate the first Scourge nest.
  • Spread the creep beyond your base, up towards the second Scourge Nest, but do not activate any scourge nests just yet.
  • When you get a few Queens out, start dropping Creep Tumors everywhere. Save 1 Creep Tumor unused just outside range of the first 2 Scourge Nests, otherwise you should be pressing the creep towards the third nest.
  • Use Kerrigan (and perhaps a few Queens) to clear out around the third Scourge Nest and start moving up the ramp.
  • At the 7:00 mark, Warfield drops units on the third Scourge Nest. Be sure to have Kerrigan and Queens waiting for this to take it out quickly.
  • Leave a few units on defense around the third nest (you can even build a few Spine Crawlers here).
  • Now, quickly start clearing the rest of the paths to the Scourge Nests.
  • Use your Queens to spread the creep. You should have 4+ Creep Tumors going at once as this helps spread the creep faster.
  • Continue to train Queens and spread the creep.
  • Activate the second Scourge Nest (around the 8:00 mark).
  • At around the 10:00 mark, allow the Gorgon to pass across the middle. Do not panic and activate the third Scourge Nest. Allow it to pass so you can clear out the bases more.
  • You need to be clearing the map and spreading the Creep rapidly at this point, as our time to complete this mission is almost over.
  • Activate the third Scourge Nest at the 12:00 mark.
  • You now have about 3 minutes to clear and spread the creep to the rest of the Scourge Nests. This should be your entire focus.
  • Here is a numbered location of the Scourge Nests:


  • Note that you do have 120 second to activate the final 4 Scourge Nests, it does not have to be done instantly. I find it easier to activate "4" and "5" at the same time when the Gorgon is in the middle of the map. I like to activate "5" early as the Gorgon can kill the creep tumors you have sitting there waiting to activate the Scourge Nest.
  • For 6 and 7, once you have cleared to the nests, split your units. Use Kerrigan to protect the Creep Tumors on the way to "6", and use the rest of your army to quickly spread the creep down to "7".
  • As a side note, with about 8 Queens, you can "walk" the creep, forcing it to spread constantly - just keep dropping one Creep tumor in front of the other non-stop. The creep will move surprisingly fast when you do this.

Going Going Gorgon Video Guide

This video guide demonstrates how you can complete the Going Going Gorgon achievement without too much difficulty. Just remember not to activate the first nests until the last possible second. If you are still struggling, do not be afraid to let the third Gorgon kill some of your stuff before activating the third nest while you finish clearing the map.

Fire in the Sky Brutal Mode Guide

Beating Fire in the Sky on brutal mode is much easier than the Going, Going, Gorgon! achievement. It requires the same strategies that you use for Going, Going, Gorgon - that is waiting until the last second before you activate the first few Scourge Nests. This gives you so much extra time over activating the first nest right away (like the game prompts you to) that you can complete the mission with

On Brutal mode, the only real difference is that you will want a little bit more defense. About 7 Spine Crawlers and 3 Spore Crawlers in between the first and second Scourge Nest is ideal, with 2 Queens for back-up.

Fire in the Sky Brutal Mode Video Guide

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