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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodFor The Swarm is one of the basic challenges in Starcraft 2. This challenge tasks players with splitting up an army into thirds in order to take out diverse groups of units.

In order to earn a gold medal for this achievement, players must overcome 3 rounds of 3 obstacles (9 total) and lose 10 units or less in the process.

Fortunately, if you split your units up in the most efficient manner, you can get by with losing just a few units (if any at all) thanks to the strategies outlined in this guide below.

We will start with a video guide and below that discuss specific ways you can split up your units.

For The Swarm Gold Medal Video Walkthrough

This video walkthrough demonstrates exactly how to split up your army but more importantly control your units in order to beat Path of Ascension. Under the video, specific instructions are given which show you how to split up your army for maximal efficiency.

Step by Step For The Swarm Strategy Guide

Round 1:

  • Bottom Left: 4 Ultralisks. The Ultralisks should be able to take out the Colossus with no problem. If 1 or 2 Ultralisks get low on health, un them to saftey. Zero units lost.
  • Top Left: 3 Hydralisks + all the Zerglings. The 3 Hydralisks will kill off the Immortal. Hide your Zerglings since the Immortal kills them in 2 shots. We do not even use them here. Your 3 Hydralisks will require some micro to stay alive. Hydralisks have 80 HP, Immortals deal 20 damage per shot. Fortunately the micro is simple - after you take 3 shots, Burrow or run away. You will have to pull off 2 Hydralisks to secure the flawless win. Zero units lost.
  • Top Right: Infestor + Remaining Hydralisks. Use Infested Terrans immediately to drop all 200 Infestor energy. These will significantly damage the Void Rays - killing one or two before the Hydralisks even engage. Run any weak Hydras away. You can do this without losing any Hydralisks, though 1-2 is common if your micro is poor. 0-2 units lost.

Round 2:

Rounds 2 and 3 were fairly difficult to lose zero units in. If you lose 1-2 here and there that is okay, but these strategies can be used for a flawless run.

  • Bottom Left: All the Roaches, 4 Mutalisks. This is the trickiest one. Send in your Mutalisks to start attacking the Zealots right away. Keep your Roaches on the creep. Once the Zealots get close, run away with your Roaches. If you are not good at this, you can burrow all your Roaches but one. It is much easier to kite with a single unit than a whole cluster of Roaches. If you run into trouble just burrow your Roach and let it heal, while unburrowing another one. If you are really bad at this, just tun your Roaches to the Zealots starting point. Burrow. The Roaches will go for the Spire. When they get about halfway there, unburrow. The Zealots will turn around. Repeat this over and over again while your 4 Mutalisks kill the Zealots. Zero units lost.
  • Top Left: 7 Mutalisks, 1 Infestor. The key to this whole round is using the Infestor to destroy Void Rays in order to free up some Mutalisks to fight the Zealots. Spawn 8 Infested Terrans with your Infestor, as the Infested Terrans dominate against Void Rays. They should kill an entire Void Ray on their own before the Void Rays get to the Mutalisks. Pull back weakened Mutalisks (only 1 or 2) and you clear this obstacle with zero losses.
  • Top Right: 2 Ultralisks. They should tear through the Stalkers with no problem. Pull back an Ultralisk if it drops into red HP.

Round 3:

  • Bottom Left: 3-4 Broodlords (3 if you are going for perfect win, 4 if you have poor micro), 1 Ultralisk. The trick to this spot is realizing that once your Broodlords go to work, the units will focus on killing your Broodlings and not your Broodlords. 3 Broodlords requires a bit of micro, as you will have to pull back your Broodlords that are getting focused, sharing the damage among the three. Your Ultralisk can sit under your Broodlords and take 2 shots from the group before burrowing. This is simply absorbing some damage so you can get Broodlings going. No units lost.
  • Top Left: 3 Ultralisks, 2 Broodlords, Infestor, and all the Roaches. This one is really hard to do with zero deaths, but it can be done. Set the Ultralisks in a line with the Brood Lords behind them and the Roaches directly under the Broodlords. When the gate opens and the enemy units start to move forward, use Fungal Growth on the Archons and maybe a few Zealots in the back. This will keep them rooted for 8 seconds. In the mean time, the Zealots in front will push forward into your Ultralisks, Brood Lords, and Roaches. Use Fungal Growth again to keep the Archons rooted. This way you can face the Zealots alone and your Roaches should handle them with ease. Once the Zealots are down the Archons can push forward and you can fight them alone. Pull back any Ultralisks that get low. This requires good micro to not lose any units, expect to lose 2-4.
  • Top Right: Corruptors. All the Corruptors can handle the Carriers. Focus fire down the Carriers and be sure to pull back wounded Corruptors. You can easily not lose any units here but you will have to pull back 5-6 Corruptors in order to do it. Zero losses should be expected.


For the Swarm can be beaten with zero losses, but if you are just going for the gold medal (10 units or less), this mission is a piece of cake. You will likely lose a few Hydralisks in the first round and a couple Ultralisks in the third round. The only part where you have to curtail losses is on the 8th obstacle, where you face the Zealots and Archons. Try not to let too many Roaches go down and you will be fine.

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