Starcraft 2 Harbinger of Death Gold Medal Challenge Guide

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodHarbinger of Death is one of the expert challenges available for playin Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty. This challenge tasks players with using many different units to clear out 150 enemy units in a short amount of time in order to get the gold medal.

This strategy guide has been designed to easily unlock the gold medal without much effort. Even if you do not have good micro, the strategies outlined here should make the mission very easy.

The easiest way to get the gold medal here is by ignoring the top right section. The units here are too densely populated and require too much attention. By focusing on the less-defended areas, you can rack up a lot of kills without paying much mind to what your units are doing.

Harbinger of Death Gold Medal Video Walkthrough

The video guide below shows a simple way to split up your units when doing Harbinger of Death for an easy gold medal:

Step by Step Harbinger of Death Strategy Guide

Beating this mission is all about using the "shift" ability to give units multiple commands. For example, you can take your Carriers down to the bottom right, shift click attack-move them by holding shift, pressing the "A", and then clicking over a group of enemy Reapers.

Once you cover each group of Reapers you can send them to the west (while still holding shift) to take out packs of marines down there. This way, your Carriers will be fighting the entire time without you focusing one bit of attention on them.

Steps to Winning

Here are the 6 steps to beating this mission with a gold medal:

Step 1: Before starting the mission, assign the Carriers to the "1" key, the Stalkers to the "2" key, the Phoenix to the "3" key, and the High Templar and Sentries to the "4" key.

Step 2: When the match starts, shift-attack-move your Carriers to the bottom right, clicking over each group of Reapers. While still holding shift, then send the Carriers to the bottom left over the marine groups there.

Step 3: Send your Stalkers to the eastern base. You will have to blink down the platform. Shift attack move over each enemy group. You will have to re-check these later to get your Stalkers to blink up on the high ground in order to kill the last pack of units over here.

Step 4: Send your Phoenix to the top left. You will actually want to manually control these units. Use Graviton Beam in order to kill the Zerglings and Hydralisks in each pack. You only need Phoenix to clear out this side.

Step 5: Check your Stalkers. They should be ready to blink onto the high ground.

Step 6: Control your High Templar and Sentries, sending them into the bottom left area. Start using Psionic Storm on all the infantry packs and Feedback on any ghosts. You should be able to clear through about 5 packs of Marines, leaving you with about 170 kills.


This mission is not too bad when you split up your units this way. The key is switching the locations of your Carriers and Stalkers before going in as well as ignoring the top right base.

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