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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn this article, I will not only be revealing the best Starcraft 2 Haven's Fall brutal strategies, but be also showing you exactly how to unlock all the achievements.

This can be done quite easily simply because of the way the mission is set up: no time limit and plenty of resources.

There are two achievements here: House Call (save 5 colonies on Hard) and Outpatient (save 3 colonies on normal). By default, Outpatient is unlocked when you complete House Call.

Note that there are only 5 colonies total, so you have to save all of them when working on the House Call mission.  

The reason we are doing these on Brutal is because it is actually a pain to let the colonies morph and will make the mission easier to take them out when they first start.

Starcraft 2 Haven's Fall Brutal and Achievements Guide

Step 1: Set-up

As soon as the match starts, throw down two Bunkers - one at the north entrance and one at the south entrance to your base. Load them with your start Marines and Firebats. Additionally, start training SCVs.

Note: As soon as you can, produce 4 more Vikings.

What we do next depends on how advanced you are in the other missions. Here is a breakdown:

Tech Reactor / Banshees / Science Vessels: If you already have all these unlocked, just build a Tech Reactor on the Starport and pump a good Viking / Banshee / Science Vessel mix. No other unit-producing structures are needed.

Science Vessels and/or Banshees but no Tech Reactor: Build a second Starport - put a tech lab on one and a Reactor on the other.

No Banshees: Get two Barracks with Tech Labs early and put a reactor on your Starport.

Step 2: First Infestation

The only tough part about this mission is stopping the first infestation as you do not have much time. As soon as the game starts, as mentioned earlier, train 4 more Vikings.

When the first infestation is announced, use your Vikings to take out the air units. Since you will not have many as the game has just started, attack the closest Mutalisk then pull out of the base. Only about half of the Mutalisks will follow, making the fight manageable without losing any Vikings.

Next, move in and clear out all the air units. Once you finish that, you can land and focus down Zerg building that is constructing. Note that you only have a few minutes to do this, so being quick is important.

Step 3: Building Up

Once you beat the first infestation, the rest of the mission is a breeze. Just sit in your base and keep building Vikings until you hit about 12. From there, switch over to Banshees if you have them. If you do not, build Marauders and Medics.

Marines are not that great here because the Aberrations and Ultralisks are very good against Marines, so stick to Marauders. Also, do not build past 12 Vikings, as there are not any groups of air units you cannot take out with that size army.

At this point, you will want to drop 2-3 Bunkers at the north entrance to your base, and load them with mercenaries. Add a second bunker at the bottom of your base and do the same thing.

Send out your Vikings as necessary whenever an infestation occurs. Do not worry about killing the Zerg bases early in the game; just clear out all the infestations.

Step 4: Clearing Out the Infestation

Once you hit a supply count of around 140/200, you can start to clear the infestations. Clear the one closest too you first as it is the one that sends out Abberations. It is a small camp and is easy to take out.

Next, focus on the north camp. This one is actually quite tough, which is why I recommend getting a lot of Marauders and Medics first. Use your Vikings to take out any air units. Once those are all dead, your Vikings are free to clear out any Infestations that might occur while your Marauders and Medics clear out the base.

Keep training units to replace the ones you lose. From here, you can easily clear out the remaining few bases 1 at a time, being sure to use your Vikings to clear out infestations as they happen, and rebuilding your base if it gets destroyed during attacks.

Know that there is no time limit so if you want to spend a half hour on this mission it is perfectly okay.

Haven's Fall Brutal Mode + Achievements Video Guide

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