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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodMaw of the Void is the final mission in the Artifact series and unlocks access to Planet Char and the final series of missions.

This mission tasks players with destroying a shield around the Artifact. The particular gimmick in this mission is that the Artifact is surrounded by Rip Field generators. These generators cause a 1-3 damage per hit every second or two (damage depends on difficulty - Normal is 1, Brutal is 3).

Units with shields however are not damaged by these shields. This means that the Protoss units you fight against remain unaffected by the shields. You can stop the Rip Field generators by destroying them (they have about 1000 HP, depends on difficulty). As you progress across the map by destroying the Rip Field generators, you will ultimately get to the barrier.

The Artifact is also guarded by a large number of Protoss units and a hero Mothership unit that has a lot of shields and health. In this guide, all of these things will be accounted for. 

Maw of the Void Brutal Video Guide

This video walkthrough shows how to beat Maw of the Void on brutal mode. Note that the video is broken up into two parts since the mission takes awhile to complete:

Part 1

Part 2

Maw of the Void Brutal Strategy & Tips

Maw of the Universe is unlike other Starcraft 2 missions in that it is very easy if yuo will simply take your time. It does not require good micro or macro but really just planning out your moves before you make them.

As far as the Rip Field generators go, the easiest way to get around their effects is to only use Battlecruisers and the rescued Dark Templar on offense. The reason for this is that units with less HP cannot live long enough in the Ripfield Generators to destroy anything. Once you enter the generator field, you have to kill off the Protoss units that attack you before you can actually get to the generator and production facilities. The Battlecruiser's high HP gives you enough time to accomplish this.

There is not enough minerals on this map later in the game as well. Battlecruisers are very gas-intensive units, so you get to convert your extra Vespene into Battlecruisers, supplementing your army.

Step by Step Strategies

  • As soon as you clear out the initial scenario and get to your base, you want to take your Battlecruisers around your little island and clear out the couple units there. You can then send an SCV to gather all the resource pellets around the map.
  • Sit in your base and build up an army from here. You will want about 5 Battlecruisers before you go anywhere. Use your Battlecruisers for defense in the mean time. Be patient.
  • Once you get a 5 Battlecruiser army, head directly west and take out the cannons and few units in that area. Do this before you attack the Ripfield Generator.
  • When you attack the Ripfield Generator, 5 Phoenix will attack you. Use Yamato Cannon on each of them to take them out before you take any major damage. You can kill the Ripfield Generator then pull out, going back to repair (or using Science Vessels) to top off your Battlecruisers.
  • If you use Science Vessels, I recommend keeping them out of the Ripfield
  • Generators, as they will take extra damage and run out of energy.
  • Once you clear out the Protoss Nexus and buildings in this area, you can expand to this newly revealed expansion. Make sure you grab the pellets all around this new section as there is literally 600+ Vespene Gas and 1000+ minerals here, enough for 2-3 Battlecruisers, just laying on the ground.
  • Sit by this expansion and continue to build up your Battlecruiser army. Free the closest group of Dark Templar as well.
  • Dark Templar are amazing on this map. There is little detection outside of the Photon Cannons (sometimes offensive groups come equipped with an Observer, but there are no Observers on defense). Dark Templar will not take damage from the Ripfield Generators either, so they can run around and take down buildings safely in this spot.
  • Use your Orbital Command to scan areas where Dark Templar can safely go (avoiding Photon Cannons). You can clear out some of the Protoss base across the southwest bridge with this in mind.
  • Head directly west from your expansion (so you are attacking it slightly to the North) with your Battlecruisers to take out the closest Rip Field Generator. This will free up a lot of avenues for attack at the remaining Protoss forces.
  • Repair up your Battlecruisers and take out the Rip Field Generator floating in the southern section of the map. Approach from the southern edge of the map and go west over the open air space so you do not have to fight ground units.
  • If you pick off a Photon Cannon or two during this attack, your Dark Templar then can sneak down to the remaining southern Rip Field generator and take it out without taking any damage.
  • Keep building Battlecruisers and repairing/healing ones that take damage. You need about 12 Battlecruisers and then you can just power through the rest of the map.
  • Try not to engage the Mothership while you are in a Ripfield Generator.
  • I recommend clearing out all the Rip Field Generators and as much buildings as possible before engaging the Mothership. If you engage it before that, the Rip Fields can cause a lot of damage since the Mothership will flee several times during the fight. It is much better if you can stay on top of it and chase it without needing to run out to repair.

Take your time, repair regularly, and build up a large army and this mission is easy on Brutal mode. Try not to lose any Battlecruisers due to damage as resources on this map are limited.

Maw of the Void Achievements Guide

Here are the 3 achievements you can unlock here:

Maw of the Void: Complete all mission objectives for Maw of the Void in normal mode.

I Have the Power: Destroy all Rip Field generators on Normal mode or higher. This should not be a problem as it is easier to beat the mission if you destroy all the Rip Field generators.

Master of the Universe - Complete "Maw of the Void" without losing a single unit inside the Rip Field on hard mode or higher. This one is a little tougher - just use Battlecruisers pull them back if they get to half HP or less, taking them out of the fight. I recommend killing off all the Rip Field generators before engaging the Mothership because you can easily lose a Battlecruiser otherwise during Vortex.

Here is a video guide

Master of the Universe Part 1

Master of the Universe Part 2

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