Starcraft 2 Stalkers

One of the easiest ways to win games as Protoss is to make a lot of Starcraft 2 Stalkers. This is a very, very easy strategy and it will still win most games versus Gold League players or below.

As stated, the best thing about this strategy is that it is so easy even a complete newbie could do it.

In fact, it's an easy way for newbie players to get their feet wet. I wouldn't recommend it for very advanced players.

The mass Stalker strategy is just something you will want to use in order to get some wins in the lower leagues while you familiarize yourself with the game.

By winning games and getting into better leagues, you will play against better players. You can then copy these players' strategies and see what they do to beat you! Take what strategies work and use them for yourself. You need to get to the higher leagues to do this though!

Back on topic. Here is how to mass Stalkers:

Build Probes until you are at 8/10 supplies. Once you are here, build a Pylon and then build more Probes.

Keep pumping out Probes with the Chrono Boost (found at the Nexus) ability, but save money to build a Gateway at 12/19 supply count.

After building a Gateway, keep producing Probes. Build Assimilators to harvest gas with when possible but do not build them until you can afford to while still producing probes.

Meanwhile, as soon as your Gateway finishes, build a Cybernetics Core and another Pylon.

Once you have 3 probes harvesting gas on each receptor and 16 probes harvesting minerals, build 2 more Gateways.

As soon as the Cybernetics Core finishes, Chrono Boost out a Stalker. Also begin researching Warp Gate technology.

At this point, keep producing Stalkers non-stop at your 3 Gateways.

Scouting the Enemy

At this point, keep building Pylons (as needed) and Stalkers. While you are doing this, scout out your enemy. If at any point he has less units than you, do the following:

Build a Templar Council building when you can afford it and research Blink.

By the time you finish researching Blink, you should be able to go in and kill your opponent. You should have 18 to 24 Stalkers at this point. Use Blink to jump past any defensive walls and take your opponent out.

If the Enemy Has More Units than Your Starcraft 2 Stalkers

If the enemy has more units than you, you need to expand. Build a Nexus at your natural expansion and pump out Probes as quickly as possible to harvest at it.

Meanwhile, once you have the resources, build 3 more Gateways and turn them into Warp Gates (you should have 6 Warp Gates).

Once you have 6 Warp Gates, keep pumping out Stalkers and building more Pylons. You can never have too many Starcraft 2 Stalkers as a newbie player.

You can even go for a third expansion if you have the resources. Add 3 Warp Gates with each expansion you get.

Be sure to research Blink as mentioned above, this is a great ability for Starcraft 2 Stalkers. You can use Blink to escape from Melee units, especially when you are surrounded. You can also use Blink to Blink cost to strong ranged units, like the Siege Tank and Colossi.

Once you have up 6-9 Warp Gates, you can send in your units. Even if the enemy wipes you out, odds are you will have done quite a bit of damage. Hit his expansions and use Blink to bypass defense.

Since you have so many Warp Gates, keep warping in Stalkers even as you are fighting. Your enemy will have to fight not only your first Stalker army but another 20-30 will be waiting at your base given how fast you warp them in!

The Starcraft 2 Stalker has its main strength in being cheap and fast to produce. Keep pumping them out to whittle your enemy's army down.

This strategy is easy to execute and works on Gold league players and below. For more advanced players, check out some of the other strategies on the side bar.

A good player will make a unit strong against the Stalker (at which point you make whatever unit counters that!).