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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodThis Starcraft 2 Tactical Command challenge guide provides specific step-by-step instructions for unlocking the gold medal by losing 10 units or less. By using the strategies outlined here, you should only lose a couple units during the challenge.

This particular challenge tasks players splitting up an army into 3 groups to take out an opponent while protecting a Supply Depot. Players can lose 10 units or less and still earn the gold medal, but they must protect the Supply Depot or the challenge fails.

There are 9 total obstacles - 3 for each of the 3 rounds, that players must defeat. As a result, players can only lose 3-4 units per round in order to beat this mission.

Tactical Command Gold Medal Video Walkthrough

Here is a video walkthrough demonstrating how to beat Tactical Command. Below that, you will find specific split instructions that you can print off if you would like which tell you exactly how to beat each wave.


Step By Step Instructions for Tactical Command

Here is how you can split up your armies and some specific strategies for Tactical Command:

Round 1:

  • Top Left: Send all but 2 Hellions here. In order to beat the Zerglings, place your Hellions on Hold position ("H" key) and let them get a shot off. Run them directly away from the Zerglings and tap the H key again, letting them all get a shot off. Do this one more time and you defeat all the Zerglings without losing a single Hellion. The key is to wait until the Zerglings are practically in melee range before running away with the Hellions. You should not lose any units here.
  • Right: 1 Siege Tank, 2 Hellions. Place the Siege Tank in Siege Mode in front of the Supply Depot. Use your 2 Hellions to distract the Banelings while the Siege Tank kills them. You only need to kill a few Banelings though - the Siege Tank can absorb multiple hits from them. No units lost.
  • Bottom Left: Ghost, All Marines, All Medivacs. Clump up your Marines around the Supply Depot. As soon as the match starts send your Ghost in cloaked to snipe Mutalisks. Stim your Marines and let them kill the Mutalisks. Typically you will lose 3-4 Marines here, but that is okay since the other two scenarios should be 0 units lost.

Round 2:

  • Top Left: 6 Marauders, 2 Medivacs should be sent here. This fight involves a superior number of Roaches, but these are pre-buff Roaches that have a very short range. Stim your Marauders and get a few shots off then run away for 2-3 seconds. Stop again, get a few shots off, then run away again. At this point, about half the Roaches should be dead. You can keep kiting or stop and just stand there and fire. Any Marauder that is low on HP can be scooped up by the Medivacs. No units lost.
  • Right: Ghost, All Marines, 2 Marauders. Place the Marines and Marauders in a ball by the Supply Depot with the Marauders in front. Send the Ghost up cloaked ahead of them to Snipe the Ultralisk. You should be able to get 6 Snipes off with the Ghost, taking half (if not more) of the Ultralisk's HP away. Stim with all your units and burn the Ultralisk down. The Ultralisk may get a few swings on your Marauders, but it should not kill any units. No units lost.
  • Bottom Left: All Siege Tanks. Spread the Siege Tanks out in an arc behind the Supply Depot. If you do this appropriately, you should not lose any units to the Hydralisks. If you bunch up your Siege Tanks however you may lose one or two. 0-2 units lost.

Round 3:

  • Top Left: Send 7 Vikings + all the Hellions here. As soon as the thing starts, send your Vikings in to focus-fire down the Broodlords. Use shift-click to attack so you can ignore them and focus on the Hellions versus the Zerglings. The Hellions can kite the Zerglings easy just like in the first round. You will want to then sit your Hellions behind the Supply Depot so the Broodlords do not get to hit them.
  • Right: Send 1 Thor, all Siege Tanks, all Marauders, 1 Ghost, and all Medivacs here. The trick here is to put all your tanks in Siege Mode by the Supply Depot. Directly in front of your Siege tanks, place your Marauders in a line from north to south. Directly in front of everything, place your Thor on hold position. Your Thor will be your tank while your Siege Tanks and Marauders kill everything. Keep a Medivac right next to the Thor. When the Thor's HP drops, scoop it up with the Medivac so you do not lose any units. Use Snipe with the Ghost to thin out the enemy's army. 0-1 units lost.
  • Bottom Left: Send 3 Vikings and 4 Thors. Put the Vikings just behind the Thors so that they do not get attacked by any Mutalisks. Make sure the Thors are bunched up so the Mutalisks clump up. Let the Thors tank. They should be fine but if they get low on HP pull the one in the back away so it lives. No units lost.

In Round 1, you will lose 3-4 units as the Mutalisks kill a few Marines. Round 2 and 3 can easily be done with no losses, though the Hydralisks in Round 2 and 3 may kill off 1-2 units. Even with max casualties, this strategy should make getting the Gold Medal very simple.

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