Starcraft 2 Triple Bunker Rush Build Order (TvZ)

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodOpening with a Proxy 2-Rax and then bunker rushing a Zerg player is a tried and true TvZ build order. This build is used even at the pro level as it is easy to transition out of into a normal game if the opener fails to result in an immediate win.

This strategy involves building 2 Proxy Barracks and a Bunker outside of the Zerg player's natural expansion before creep spread blocks construction. Marines in this Bunker can then DPS down the Hatchery at the natural expansion.

Note: A proxy refers to building the Barracks  in a hidden position near the Zerg player's base. The Barracks are hidden (as to not be scouted) but are built near the enemy's base so that Marines produced from there arrive sooner rather than having to walk across the entire map to get in position.

The Triple Bunker Rush is a variant of this strategy that increases the effectiveness of the build on certain maps. In particular, this build favors maps with natural expansions with tight choke points or locations near the ramp like Neo Planet S. Maps like Bel'Shir Vestige that feature wide open expansions would be more suited to a standard Proxy 2-Rax.

The reason natural expansions with tight choke points work is because when the three Bunkers are placed side by side, they can actually form a wall-in (or something close to it). This prevents the enemy from easily surrounding the Bunkers with Zerglings and Drones, making the Bunkers very difficult to bring down.

Even while under construction, Marines can sit behind the constructing Bunkers and safely attack Zerglings and Drones that are attempting to stop the construction. Even if one Bunker goes down, the other two can finish. Marines can enter these Bunkers and protect the third Bunker as it is rebuilt.

Triple Bunker Rush Build Order

10/11: Supply Depot (this SCV moves out to build proxy as soon as SD is finished)
13/19: Barracks (proxy position; send an SCV out from main to proxy for Barracks #2)
14/19: Barracks (proxy position)
15/19: Orbital Command
16/19: Marine
16/19: Supply Depot (at main). Send out an additional SCV at to the Zerg natural.
17/19: Marine
18/19: Marine
20/27: Bunker x3: Use the 2 SCVs used to build the proxy Barracks plus the third one sent out at 16/19 to build 3 Bunkers simultaneously.

Rally Marines behind these Bunkers to protect them while they are under construction. Once construction finishes, rally points for the bunkers can be set into the Zerg natural. This allows Marines to pass through the Bunker wall-in and into the Zerg natural.

Executing the Build

Just like with any proxy rush, the execution of the build is more important than the build order itself. If executed flawlessly on the right map, this build is almost impossible to stop for a Zerg player that opens Hatchery first, so pay attention to this section.

Bunker Positioning

Where you build your Bunkers is the most important part of the build. When your SCVs arrive, the enemy's Hatchery will have just completed, but the creep will not have spread fully yet. You ideally want to build your Bunkers so that they will all be in range of the Hatchery but also so that they form a wall-in (or close to it) that the Zerg cannot get around with their units.

If you form a wall-in with your bunkers, the Zerg will not be able to surround any one Bunker. This means that any one Bunker cannot be attacked by more than a handful of Zerglings or Drones at the same time. If the Bunker is just out in the open, it can be surrounded by Zerglings and Drones and burned down quickly.

Additionally, the wall arrangement of the Bunkers means that Marines can sit behind the Bunkers while they are under construction and safely attack any Drones or Zerglings that attempt to destroy the Bunkers before they are finished. As Marines stream in, more and more Zergling and Drone kills will be racked up.

Finally, the wall in means that SCVs can sit behind the wall after it has finished and repair each of the Bunkers. Only Queens will be able to attack these SCVs. The Queens will be in range of the Marines the entire time though so the Queens will not be able to do much to the Terran's SCVs if the Marines focus the Queens.

How to Attack

As touched on in previous sections, initial Marines will sit behind the Bunkers under construction and kill any Drones or Zerglings that try to hit your SCVs. Once your Bunkers are up, your Marines can enter the Bunkers. As Marine count increases, all of the Bunkers can be filled.

Marines can sit inside the Bunkers for the most part and focus on killing off the Hatchery, but there are a few times where you may want to unload into the Zerg natural. In particular, if a Queen spawns at the Zerg natural expansion, you want to unload 6 or so Marines and use them to focus it down. You do not want this Queen to make regular Injects at the natural expansion or you could eventually be over-run.

Spine Crawlers under construction can be focused by Marines. Zerg players will try to build these out of range of the Bunker and when they are complete, move them to within Bunker range. Use Marines to damage these while they are being constructed. Even if you do not kill the Spine Crawler, if you can inflict damage to it, that is a win. When the crawler tries to move into position, if it is already halfway dead, it will be easy to focus down before it can root.

Whenever you are outside of the Bunkers, do not overextend yourself. Always be ready to retreat to the Bunkers should Zerglings get too close to your Marines. Do not get surrounded by Zerglings without the protection of your other Marines in your Bunkers.

Going for the Win

If your Bunkers are up and secure, you might try to go for the win right here. If this is the case, pull a few additional SCVs from your main base to help repair. Having 5 or 6 SCVs on repair duty will allow the Bunkers to easily hold attacks from Spine Crawlers and Roaches. Banelings may still bust through, but you can focus-fire them before they get in range with your Marines if you have good micro.

When the Hatchery at the natural expansion goes down, you have practically won the game. There is little the Zerg can do at this point. Add on two extra Barracks to help pump more Marines. With Bunkers blocking the natural expansion and additional Marines for back up, the Zerg will be stuck on one base. You can add on more SCVs and even take an expansion at home to add Marauders and even Medivacs to the mix. Once you have a solid Marine and Marauder army, you are free to take down a Zerg player that has turtled on Spine Crawlers and Banelings.

Macroing During the Assault

The goal of the Triple Bunker Rush is to take down the natural expansion of the Zerg, but the Zerg might be able to clean up your rush if they build enough Zerglings, Queens, Spine Crawlers, and maybe even a few Banelings. This is perfectly okay as long as the Hatchery goes down (or you kill 15+ Drones).

You should be able to build SCVs and additional Supply Depots during the attack if you are using your MULEs regularly for mineral intake. Keep training SCVs at home and you can easily make 5 (or more) SCVs during the attack.

As soon as you take down the natural expansion of the opponent, add on your own expansion at your natural. Simultaneously, lift off both of your proxy Barracks and send them back to your main base. Land them at the natural expansion to help make a wall-in at the top of your ramp. Use Supply Depots to plug any holes in the wall in and add a Bunker behind the wall-in. This will help prevent any counter attack. 

By the time the Zerg player breaks your contain, your wall-in should be complete and your natural expansion should be up and running. You are protected from counter attacks and have a significant economic lead over your opponent. You are now free to add on vespene gas intake. Get two more Barracks with Tech Labs so you can research Combat Shield and Stimpack. Additionally, work up to Widow Mines (or Siege Tanks) and get out a couple Medivacs. Work on +1/+1 Infantry upgrades as well.

You are now set to make a good timing attack around the 11:00 minute mark with +1/+1, Stimpack, Combat Shield, Marines, Marauders, and Medivacs. Given how delayed the Zerg player was after you destroyed their natural expansion, they have no chance in stopping this type of attack at this point in the game.

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