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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodWhile I found that beating this mission in Brutal mode was quite easy, unlocking all of the achievements was a bit tougher.

In particular, the hard achievement, Overmind Dead Body, is a bit challenging. Fortunately, I have a very simple method to share with you below for beating this mission without a problem.

It is actually quite clever and makes this mission beatable quite easily within the 20 minute deadline.

I have included a video below to help demonstrate the best technique for unlocking the Echoes of the Future achievements:


While the video above does give some interesting techniques, personally I was unable to replicate the 3-minute run (to be fair, the video creator said it took him about 15 tries, far beyond my patience level).

Grabbing the first two tendrils is easy, but the final one is another story. However, the video does give us some good ideas that we can use to form a fast-but-easy techniques we can use to get this done without needing to repeat the mission 15 times.

Step-by-Step Echoes of the Future Overmind Dead Body Walkthrough

  • First, immediately run Zeratul to your main base. Skip all the Zerglings as you will want to get your main base up and running as fast as possible
  • Start training Probes and drop a few Pylons around your base.
  • Immediately have Zeratul run east, pick up all the resource pellets, and clear out the Infested Terran around the Robotics Facility. Drop a Pylon there to power that building.
  • Train a few Stalkers while Zeratul is out.
  • After the first Zerg attack, use your two starting Colossi to clear out the rest of the Infested Terran base. Use Zeratul to kill any Roaches.
  • As soon as you can, power the Robotics Facility and make a Robotics Bay in your base. Train Colossi at the Robotics Facility (get 3).
  • Keep training Stalkers (about 12 total). You will want 9 Stalkers, 3 Colossus, Zeratul for your starting offensive force.
  • While you are building units, you can use Zeratul to get the first and second Overmind tendrils as shown in the video. With the Infested Terran base cleared out, grab the second tendril and Blink back to safety and head back to your main base.
  • Do not clear out the Zerg units around the first and second Tendrils as this is a waste of time.
  • As soon as you grab the two tendrils, keep training units (about 10 Stalkers and 4-5 Colossi works). Make sure you have a few Colossi and Stalkers around for defense as well.
  • About 14-15 minutes into the mission, attack the north west base with your units. The Colossi completely dominate the unit types up there; you can use the high ledge to attack the Ultralisks and Spine Crawlers from a safe vantage point.
  • Use your Stalkers to kill any Brood Lords (focus fire them down).
  • Drop a bunch of cannons in your base with your leftover resources and train a few more Stalkers and Colossi for defense.
  • As soon as you clear out the northwest base, send your units east and clear towards the northeast tendril. You should be able to clear almost to it with your units before your army dies. Have Zeratul run in and claim the Tendril.
  • As soon as the third tendril is taken, save the game.
  • Next, run Zeratul towards the fourth Tendril and blink to it. If you fail, just load the game from your save point (though it is fairly easy to grab).

By following these strategies, you can unlock the Overmind Dead Body achievement with relative ease.

A Slower, Easier To Execute Method for Overmind Dead Body

While sneaking Zeratul around is the quickest way to finish this mission, I have found the vast majority of players have trouble executing this strategy. It can still be done a "Normal" way, which you can see in the video guide below:

Other Achievements and Research Locations

The other achievement at this level is the Army of One achievement, which simply has Zeratul kill 50 units in normal mode. This is very easy - let Zeratul clear out the Infested Terran base and he unlocks this by default.

There are 4 Zerg and 2 Protoss research points here. The Zerg research is unlocked just by beating the mission. The Protoss research is unlocked by building a Pylon next to the Obelisks. There are two total, found at the spots marked in red below:

Echoes of the Future Achievements

Echoes of the Future Achievement Conclusions

By following this step-by-step guide and using Zeratul to sneak to a few of the Tendrils, the Echoes of the Future hard achievement becomes a lot easier. Just remember that the mission ends as soon as Zeratul gets to the fourth beacon, regardless of how many Zerg are around!

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