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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn this article, I will be revealing the location of the Loki, how to unlock all the achievements, and where to find all of the research spots in the Engine of Destruction Starcraft 2 mission.

Engine of Destruction: Loki Guide - Kicking Asgard

Killing the Loki is quite easy, but it is best to do it in normal mode. The Loki is a high-powered Battlecruiser and is most easily killed with mass Wraiths (or Vikings).

Start playing the game in Normal Mode and send 3 SCVs to auto-repair the Odin. This will easily clear out the first 3 bases.

While the Odin is going to work, mass produce Wraiths at your base. Send your Wraiths in to help on the fourth base (Firebats kill SCVs), and then it is time to kill the Loki. The Loki can be found at the 4 on the map below:

Loki Location and Research

The Loki is fairly weak and you will be able to easily take it out with about 12 Wraiths. The best time to do it is after clearing out the 4th base during that downtime. After killing this

Research Locations

There are 3 Zerg research points available at this level, and can be found at the spots on the map marked with 1, 2, and 3. They have to be picked up with a ground unit.

Ragnarok & Roll Achievement

This achievement is incredibly easy and is unlocked by beating the Engine of Destruction Starcraft 2 mission on Hard Mode without the Odin's health dropping below 30%.

In Hard Mode, the computer still does not target SCVs that are on repair duty (this is only done in Brutal Mode). For the first base, set 1 SCV to auto-repair the Odin and follow it around. For the second base, use 6.

After that, just keep training SCVs and have them follow the Odin on auto-repair (simply right click the Odin with the SCVs once it is at full health and they will auto-follow it and repair it). For a bonus effect, add in a few Science vessels.

There is no limit to the amount of SCVs you can have on this duty. Get about 10 total and then train Wraiths. You can use Wraith to play defense and then take out the Battlecruisers at the final base and this achievement is very easy.

Note: it is actually better if you do not use your Wraiths in the earlier bases, as your SCVs will try to repair your Wraiths and get killed in the process. If you want to speed things along, use your Wraiths before the Odin gets in position.

Ragnarok & Roll Video Walkthrough

Here is a video walkthrough showing you how to successfully keep the Odin's health up while doing this mission on Hard mode. The Loki is also killed during this mission.

Part 1

Part 2

Engine of Destruction Loki, Achievements, and Research Conclusion

By following the simple strategies outlined in this article, you can easily unlock all the Achievements in the Engine of Destruction Starcraft 2 mission.

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