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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodUnlocking all the achievements for the In Utter Darkness Starcraft 2 mission is very easy if you follow the strategies below.

Note that while you can unlock this achievement following the same plan outlined in my In Utter Darkness Brutal guide, the strategy mentioned there is a bit complex.

Below, I have listed a much easier alternative for unlocking this achievement in step-by-step format.

The basis of the strategy is to start out by walling yourself in with Photon Cannons with the support of a few Colossi. Once the game plays out, you can then transition into Carriers.

Blaze of Glory Step-by-Step Guide

  • At the start of the game, build 7 Probes at each Nexus and have them harvest minerals. Pull one Probes off and build a Robotics Bay and send it to the main entrance to your base.
  • Next, start researching +1 Ground and Air weapons. Continue to work on these upgrades.
  • As soon as your Probe gets out to the entrance of your base, build about 8 Photon Cannons. Next, send it to the eastern entrance to your base and repeat the same process. Finally, send it to the western entrance and make 10-12 more Photon Cannons.
  • Replace these cannons as they are destroyed. Place 1 Colossus by both the Western and Eastern entrances to your base.
  • As soon as you put up the Photon Cannons, start spending your minerals on more Colossi. You will want about 4 Colossi at each entrance to your base (12 total).
  • Place your Colossi near each entrance of your base behind the cannons. They will take out units from this safe spot.
  • Use your Phoenix and Void Rays (free ones) to take out any air units which may have leaked into your base.
  • Around the 500 kill mark, start laying cannons all over your base. They will take out the Nydus Worms then they spawn.
  • Stop making Colossi once you have 12. At this point, build a few Stargates and continue to research air unit upgrades.
  • As soon as you can get Carriers, stop building cannons and focus resources on maxing out on Carriers. Do not resume building cannons until you are maxed out.
  • You should max out before the Protoss Archive finishes researching (or there about).
  • Use your flying fleet to support your Cannons and Colossi.
  • Once the Archives is sealed, pull back to your Colossi and air units back to your main base. Pull back all your "green" units too (they do not count against the Supply Cap). Let your own Zealots, Stalkers, and Immortals die, as this will free up Supplies for more Carriers.
  • Place 4 Colossi at each ramp and 4 in the center projection. Cover the rest of the ground in Carriers.
  • At this point, your defense is set to last for way past the 750 kills required for Blaze of Glory. You can literally go away from keyboard and unlock this achievement once you have massed Carriers and hide them under the Mothership.
  • Make sure you turn on auto-cast for new interceptors (right click the icon). This way your Carriers will continue to make more interceptors as they are shot down.
  • Replace any lost Colossi with more Carriers.
  • You can replace cannons if you want, but a massed army of 200/200 Carriers plus the free Void Rays and Mothership you get will last for long enough to get the 2250 kills required to unlock this achievement.
  • The computer uses mostly Zerglings, Ultralisks, Roaches, and Hybrid Reavers, which can only attack ground units. Your Carriers easily beat these making this achievement very beatable.

Note: The other achievement associated with this mission is Semi-Glorious, which only requires you to get 250 extra kills on normal mode. As a result, it is unlocked by default when you beat this mission.

In Utter Darkness Research

You unlock 3/3 Zerg research simply by getting the required number of kills for this mission. You unlock 3/3 Protoss research by protecting the Archives for 25 minutes. Both happen easily by following the walkthrough for Blaze of Glory.

Video Guide for "A Blaze of Glory"

Here is a 3-part video guide demonstrating how to get 1250 kills over the required amount, completing this achievement and then some:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

In Utter Darkness Achievements Guide Conclusion

Just keep the Interceptors coming and keep your Carriers grouped up with the Mothership and you should have no problem with these achievements!

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