Safe Haven My Precious and You Shall Not Pass Achievements Guide

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodThe Safe Haven achievements My Precious! and You Shall Not Pass are both very easy to unlock with the strategies provided for you in this article.

My Precious Achievement

The My Precious! achievement is unlocked by finishing the Safe Haven mission with 2 colonies protected.

At first glance, it may appear that there are only 4 colonies on the map. However, note that there is actually a colony inside your base. This means that you can allow the Protoss player to destroy 3 colonies and still unlock this achievement.

In hard mode, it means that you have to finish the mission in about 20 minutes, which is more than enough time. Below, I have included a step-by-step guide for completing this task.

Note that while Science Vessels make this mission much easier, I will operate under the assumption that you do not have them yet (you can always add them in if you do).

Step by Step Safe Haven My Precious Walkthrough

  • Build SCVs and a Reactor on your Starport as soon as the game starts.

  • As soon as you finish that, send your 3 Vikings on on the offensive at the first Nexus. Pick off the first two Phoenix. Micro your units (pull the hurt ones back) so that you lose no Vikings.

  • Return to your base and have your 3 Vikings repaired after killing the Phoenix.
  • Keep training SCVs and get them harvesting this entire time.

  • Send your 3 Vikings back in and have them kill off all the Warp Prisms.

  • You should get 2 more Vikings out to reinforce your first 3. Kill the final Phoenix and Warp Prism (south-east section of base)

  • Next, land your Vikings on the south-east cliff (after all the Warp Prisms are destroyed) and kill the Nexus from a safe spot.

safe haven my precious guide

  • As soon as you kill this Nexus, lift off and head back to your base to repair up.

  • Important: Position Vikings in the space between the the first colony (south-east corner) and the second colony (south-west - just above the third Protoss Nexus). See position "1" below:

My Precious

  • Carriers will assault this location as soon as the Purifier kills off the first colony. However, these will not fight back until they reach the colonists settlement. You can kill them with a few Vikings before they ever take a shot at you.

  • After killing the second Colonist settlement, head for the second Nexus (eastern side of the map) with your Vikings. Kill off the Warp Prisms and the Colossus and then land on the cliff on the northwestern part of the base. Safely kill the Nexus from this position.

  • After killing the Nexus, return to your base and get repaired.

  • Just before the Purifier blows up the second colony, position some Vikings in between the colony about to be purified and the central colony. See Position "2" on the map above.

  • After intercepting those air units, clear out the third base. First, kill all Warp Prisms as units are constantly warped in to them. Additionally, kill all the Carriers and air units and then back out.

  • Once you have wiped out all the air units, land your Vikings and at position "1" on the map above and go in and clear the base out. Be careful of the High Templar - make sure to move your Vikings out of Psionic Storm.

  • Return to your base and repair. Let the Purifier nuke the 3rd base.

  • Position Vikings at the orange arrow to intercept the Protoss fleet spawned after the third base has exploded.

  • Next, wait until the Purifier starts to move for the fourth base. Do not attack it while it is stationary. Once it starts to move, get "behind" the Purifier so that the it is moving away from you when you attack, like so:

safely attack the purifier

  • This way, you will be out of range and it will not be able to hit you and you can kill it without getting Vortexed or taking damage.

Step by Step Safe Haven You Shall Not Pass Walkthrough

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This achievement is unlocked by preventing the Protoss from killing 3 colonies and is very, very easy.

  • When the game starts, add a reactor to your Starport. Immediately begin training SCVs and kill the base to the east. There are two Phoenix and 3 Warp Prisms which can easily be attacked and killed with your 3 Vikings.

  • Once all air units are dead, land up on the ledge and safely destroy the Nexus.

  • Meanwhile at your base, continue to build Vikings. Once you kill the first Nexus, bring your Vikings back to your base to get repaired.

  • Once you have 5 Vikings, move in on the next settlement. There are no air units aside from Warp Prisms. Attack the Colossus from a safe distance; once you kill it and the Warp Prisms you can land on the cliff and pick off this Nexus.

  • You should be killing this Nexus before the Protoss player kills their first base.

  • Next, position your Vikings at spot #1 on the map higher up on the page so you can kill the 2 Carriers once they spawn.

  • After killing the 2 Carriers, make sure you have about 10 Vikings (or more) and then kill the final Nexus.

  • Pick off the Carriers, Void Ray, and Warp Prism one at a time (do a full circle around the outskirts of the base) then land your units and walk in the front.

  • You can take your time on this base, and you should be able to kill it before the Purifier even gets to the second Terran colony.

  • Once you kill the second base, move your units to position 2 on the map above.

  • Kill the air fleet that spawns. Next, kill the Purifier. You should be able to easily kill it before it gets to the third base.

Video Walkthrough

Here is a video demonstrating how to unlock this achievement - it displays saving 3 colonies even on Hard mode:

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