Starcraft 2 3 Rax Build Order

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The Starcraft 2 3-Rax build order is not only one of the most effective Terran openers, it is also one of the most exciting.

The 3-Rax build is perhaps the most aggresive opener the Terrans have in their arsenal in Starcraft 2.

It involves going for 3 early Barracks with two Tech Labs so you can quickly research upgrades and push out.

There is are a lot of ways you can do this push, but below is my favorite build order.

3 Rax Build Order:

9/11: Supply Depot
12/19: Barracks (train 1 Marine as soon as it is done then attach a tech lab; research Concussive Shells as soon as it if finished)
13/19: Refinery
15/19: Orbital Command
17/19: Barracks (tech lab as soon as it is done)
17/19: Supply Depot
..continue to pump SCVs
19/27: Stimpacks
25/27: Barracks #3 (with Reactor)
..continue to pump SCVs, Supply Depots, and infantry. Grab Combat Shields on the second Barracks when you have the resources.

This build order is not set it stone - you can change it depending on whether or not you need units earlier. You can delay the third Barracks for a bit as well if your enemy is applying early pressure (this will give you more money for Marines and Marauders).

You will also need to get a lot of saturation going (3 SCVs on each gas, 22-24 SCVs harvesting minerals, and constant MULEs) to keep all 3 Barracks producing units and to have money for Supply Depots to keep up with production.

Continue to train units and push out as soon as Stimpack has finished. Continuously train units and rally them to an appropriate spot so you can continue to reinforce your army. Stim up and go-in once ready.


If you go for an earlier push, bring a few SCVs to throw down a Bunker inside the opponent's main. If your opponent is playing very defensively, throw a Bunker or two down outside his main to help keep him trapped inside while you expand the map.

One of the most popular 3-Rax build orders involves getting +1 weapons/armor before pushing out. However, as demonstrated in many of the top ladder games and professional level matches, Stimpack is 100% required if you are playing against a good Zerg player.

Stimpack and Combat Shield are a lot more meaningful for an early infantry push than +1 weapons and armor is. The primary reason for this is that because Zerg and Protoss players have wised up to this push and are now getting very effective at stopping it.

You will not be able to push against Banelings no matter how many units you have if you do not have Stimpacks.

3 Rax Build Order vs Zerg

In particular, you can use stim to dodge Banelings when playing against Zerg and when trying to push up Protoss ramps. Aside from the massive damage increase, the speed increase is a major bonus that cannot be discounted as a Terran player.

When playing against a Zerg and going for an all-out bio push as recommended in this build order, you will want to use stim to run your Marines away from Banelings while your Marauders either pick them off from a safe distance or absorb the damage.

It takes a lot of Banelings to take down a Marauder, so losing a Marauder to a handful of Banelings is a good trade for the Terran player, especially considering how long Banelings take to make.

Do not be afraid to stim multiple times with Marines, even if they are low on HP. Early Zerg units like the Zergling, Baneling, and Roach, have short range, so that stim acts as a large mitigator (especially versus Banelings), so losing the little bit of health makes little difference.

3 Rax Build Order vs Protoss

Stim-packs are also mandatory when pushing on Protoss, as you will need to push up their ramp quickly, otherwise you risk getting cut off by Sentries.

When assaulting a Protoss base that is being guarded by sentries, you will want to keep your units at the base of the ramp and send 1 Marine at a time up the ramp. This will give your Marines and Marauders vision to attack the units.

Keep an eye on Sentry energy levels and when they drop below the amount required for Force Field, stim and push up the ramp. Do not be afraid to use a Scanner Sweep to see if you can push up the Protoss player's ramp. Just make sure you do not stim and commit up the ramp unless you have a clear shot at it.

If the Protoss player is very defensive, simply camp out in front of their base, limiting them to 1 base. Meanwhile, at home, take a second base, tech up, and build out your base. You can tech into Medivacs, 3/3 weaponry, and even add a few Vikings to your army to protect against Colossi.

If the Protoss player will not come out to take his expansion, you will win the game easily.