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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodI have found that beating the A Sinister Turn Brutal mode mission is actually one of the tougher missions.

As a result, the strategy below is a fool-proof method for beating this mission. It does take a bit of time but can be executed by nearly any player.

While there may be a faster way to complete this mission, this by far is the most easily executed and effective strategy for beating this mission on Brutal mode.

What we will do is take out some of the Protoss forces before assaulting the main base. This will give us enough resources and units to easily break into the Protoss base.

Step-by-Step A Sinister Turn Brutal Guide

  • Start off the game by building as many Probes as you can. Place a few Pylons down to power your structures.
  • Train a single Zealot and build 1 Cannon right next to each of your current cannons.
  • As soon as you can, use the Zealot to lure the Stalker at the Robotics Facility to your Cannons.
  • Build a Pylon behind the Robotics Facility. This will power the Robotics Facility, yet attacking enemy waves will come to your main instead of the facility, so you do not have to protect it.
  • Start training Immortals. You should be able to get 1 Immortal done before the Hybrid attacks.
  • Immortals are the perfect weapon against the Hybrid since they only take 10 damage per hit and deal a lot of damage themselves.
  • Build up the cannons at the front of your base so there is about 9 on either side of your Gateway. This will nearly "wall off" your base.
  • Space will be tight, so build your supply Pylons behind your minerals (northwest corner of your base leaves a lot of space for Pylons.
  • Whenever Maar (the Hybrid) attacks, make sure you send your Immortals up to take the major blow. He does a lot of damage to cannons, so you really want your Immortals to do all of the fighting.
  • The reason we build cannons is to help deal with the Protoss attacks which may hit you when you are out on the offensive.
  • Keep turtling up and training Immortals. Build a second Gateway and build Stalkers. Get +1 upgrades on everything.
  • Keep training units - make no offensive moves until you are at about 150 supplies. Your mineral count should be getting low at this point, which is okay.
  • As soon as you get a huge army, as soon as you kill Maar, move out and take the Dark Templar shrine - this will net you 2 free Dark Templar.
  • Take your 2 Dark Templar back to base - they make good defense to use against the Protoss player (which does not use detection).
  • After killing Maar again, move your entire army and wipe out the eastern Protoss base. If Maar respawns, move your Immortals back to fight him off while your Stalkers finish off the eastern Protoss base.
  • Save the game before you attack in case you fail. If your army is small, this is likely to happen, so do not sell yourself short here.
  • Expand to the Eastern Protoss base that you just wiped out.
  • Next, move all your units in front of the ramp to the major Protoss forces. Do not go in - you just sit here to intercept Maar as he comes out. This way, you do not have to worry about defending the expansion.
  • You will intercept units coming out of the major Protoss base, and units coming out of the Eastern Protoss base will head for your cannons.
  • The Protoss player may kill your Robotics Facility. This is not a big deal - rebuild it at your expansion.
  • Build a Pylon at the High Templar archives. The "Feedback" spell works great on Maar since he has a large energy pool.
  • Train a few High Templar - you should have a lot of extra Vespene gas.
  • Train Stalkers and Immortals until you hit the 200/200 supply mark. You should not lose any units to Maar's attacks because your Immortals can take him down. Hide your Stalkers if they keep getting picked off. Use the minerals from your expansion to train more units.
  • Once you have 200/200 supplies, move in and kill the Protoss player at his main base.
  • The final attack is very easy. Kill Maar, and while he is recharging, run all your Immortals into the enemy player's base. Get them off of the bridge. Come in then with your Stalkers, and Blink into your enemy's base and have them kill off all the air units.

From there, you can walk in and kill the Preserver barriers and end the mission. This mission is quite easy by following this strategy - all you need are a bunch of Immortals!

A Sinister Turn Brutal Video Walkthrough

Here is a video walkthrough demonstrating how to execute this strategy on Brutal Mode.

Part 1

Part 2

A Sinister Turn Brutal Guide Conclusion

By using the Immortal to your advantage and taking your time with the enemy player, you can easily beat the A Sinister Turn brutal mode mission. Try it out!

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