Starcraft 2 Ghost of a Chance Achievements

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn this article, I will be revealing how to easily complete all of the Starcraft 2 Ghost of a Chance achievements.

There are two major achievements to unlock at this stage: Dominate Tricks and Total Protonic Reversal.

Dominate Tricks

Dominate Tricks is unlocked by killing 15 units with a mind-controlled (Dominated) unit in a normal mode game. This is incredibly easy as you should get at least 15 kills just working through the mission.

Some easy ways to get kills are to mind control Ravens whenever you can and have them drop Auto Turrets by infantry units. Additionally, make sure to Dominate the Thor in the final map (bottom right corner) as it can rack up nearly 15 kills on its own.

Total Protonic Reversal

To unlock this achievement, you have to kill every enemy unit in a hard mode game. This achievement is a bit unusual because some of the units are out of the way. Below, I will reveal a step-by-step plan to unlocking this achievement.

Video Guide for Total Protonic Reversal + Brutal Done Together:

Part 1

Part 2

Note that Spectres are marked on the map by either yellow cross-hairs or big red spots.

First Map: In the first map, there are 2 Spectres and no units are hidden. You can walk up the platform and kill the first one (no detection) and then Snipe the second one from across the way with that vantage point.

You have to kill all of the units on this map

Second Scenario

This is the toughest map for getting all the units. One of them is way out of the way and can be hard to get to if you lose all your units. Here is a map that we will use:


total protonic reversal


The numbers represent "hidden units". However, before going for these units, you need to clear out the units in the middle of your map without losing any Reapers or your Raven. 

First, drop an auto-turret right next to the Siege Tank on the western platform. Once that has died, you can move your own Siege Tanks onto that platform to easily clear out the units in the center of the map.

Spot 1:  This is where your Raven comes into play. First, use your Siege Tanks to clear out the Bunker and Siege Tank from the low ground. Once you do that, load up the platform with Auto-Turrets which will take out all the marines there.

Spot 2: Once you have cleared out all the units on the way to the Nuclear Silo, use your Reapers to run over to spot #2 to kill the Spectre there.

Scenario 3

Scenario 3 is the largest of the maps, but there is not as many hidden units like there is in Scenario 2.

Scenario 3: 5 Spectres

While there are 5 Spectres here, this part of the mission is quite easy. Here is the map:

spectre locations


The only units which may elude you are directly north-east of your spawning position. There are a handful of marines and a Siege Tank here. Otherwise, clear out the entire map (there are units everywhere). You do not have to kill all the Missile Turrets.

The numbers mark the location of each Spectre. You will still have to clear the entire map to unlock this achievement.

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