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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn this Starcraft 2 Ghost of a Chance Brutal guide, I will be giving you a step-by-step strategy to beat this mission in brutal mode.

The real key to beating this mission is the "Dominate" ability as you can be very creative with the units you control and the amount of damage you inflict with them.

You also want to be cautious as you progress through this level and save regularly. You can be making great progress on the mission and quickly have Nova die if you make a misstep.

By saving regularly, if you make a mistake working through the Ghost of a Chance scenarios, you can load back to the starting point and try again without having to do the whole mission over again.

Step-by-Step Ghost of a Chance Brutal Walkthrough

First Scenario (map)

The first scenario is quite easy and involves killing off the Jorium Stockpile. You get a handful of Marines, Medics, and Nova. It is quite easy.

  • To start, move out with Nova and kill off the handful of Marines and Marauders to the east.

  • Move in with your Marines and Medics and take out the Bunker and Missile Turret.

  • Next, Nova plus 2 Medics can easily clear all the way up to the Northeast Corner. Save your Marines.

  • Note: Pay attention to the white triangles that draw circles on the ground. This represents the enemy's detection, so do not enter those circles unless you want to be fired upon with Nova.

  • Once you clear up to the northeast corner, use Domination on the Raven, not the Siege Tank.

  • With the Raven dominated, you can easily kill the tank with Nova as it cannot see you. Use your Medics to heal Nova.

  • Have Nova move in and kill out the pile of Marines and Marauders. Without the Raven, they will not be able to detect her.

  • Be quick to use Snipe on the Spectre that moves in.

  • Once you clear out all the units, use Nova to kill off everything else (no detection) aside from the final base. The Raven can scout for you (provide air sight) and drop Turrets to speed up the process.

  • Once you get to the final base, stand along the outskirts just outside of detection range. Kill the Raven.

  • Use Dominate on the first Battlecruiser. Have it attack the Goliath. Let the computer kill it afterwards.

  • Next, dominate the second Battlecruiser. With it dead, you can walk in with your army and complete the first scenario.

Second Scenario

  • As soon as you move Nova, a group of units will come in and attack you. As fast as you can, use Dominate on the Raven with Nova.

  • With the Raven controlled, the units will not be able to see you. Let Nova kill them off.

  • Next, move west towards the platform and kill all of the units there except for 1 Viking. Use Dominate on it as it will be a very useful in the upcoming stages.

  • Use your Siege Tanks to kill off the Missile Turret behind the wall, then land your Viking behind the wall. It can safely kill off the lock without taking any damage.

  • Move your Siege Tanks in to kill off all the Marines and Turrets on the low ground.

  • Next, put your Tanks in Siege Mode at the top of the ramp leading down into the next area.

  • Move your Viking just to the north on the eastern platform. There you will find a Siege Tank and a Banshee.

  • Your Viking will chase the Banshee off and provide sight for your Siege Tanks.

  • Inch your tanks up just out of range and use them to kill off the Siege Tank.

  • Next, inch up your Siege Tanks to kill off the Missile Turret in the middle of the ground.

  • From here, you can move Nova up to kill off some of the ground units without fear of her taking any damage.

  • Next, move your Siege Tanks up into the area which you just cleared out.

  • Use your Viking to spot for your tanks and kill off the Turrets, Bunkers, and ground units on the high ground.

  • Once you clear out all the detectors, Nova can handle the rest of the mission.

  • Have Nova slowly pick off the Infantry around the Nuke silo. Snipe the Medic, and then Snipe each unit one at a time. To speed things up, bring your Raven up and drop down a bunch of Auto-turrets.

  • Next, get the nuke. Nuke the final base (just barely peak up the ramp). This will kill off all the units so you can easily finish off the Terrazine tank and move onto the final scenario.

Third Scenario

At first, the Third scenario appears to be the toughest, but once again there are some creative uses of Domination which make it much easier.

  • To start the mission, cloak your Banshees, move in and kill the units just to the south. Use your Viking to kill off the Banshee, but keep a safe distance.

  • Next, move Nova up the ramp, but stop just short of it.

  • Using a Viking to spot, use Domination on the Siege Tank. Not only will the enemy kill it to get it out of the way but it also will kill off a Spectre and a Missile Turret.

Ghost of a Chance


  • After you do this, Nova can snipe out any remaining units from a safe distance and kill off the Missile Turret.

  • Next, approach the next group of units with Nova alone. Use Dominate on the Raven, and fly it away from the group as quickly as possible. Nova can then easily kill off these units on her own.

  • As you move just south, you will see some destructible debris. Destroy it and an Ultralisk will pop out and start killing the enemy.

  • Important: Follow the Ultralisk with Nova. Help it kill Marines. As soon as it is done killing off the Marines, kill it with Nova.

  • Next, using Nova, kill off the Missile Turret from the safe high-ground (the Siege Tank on the ground can't see you). Drop Auto-Turrets with your Raven and sacrifice it.

  • Note the Thor in the bottom-right corner. Dominate it next, but do not send it north.

  • Instead, head back to the beginning, using it to clear out the detectors (turrets and Raven) along the middle platform.

  • Use your Banshees to clear out most of the platform (cloak and avoid the turret).

  • Have your Thor go in and clear out the few remaining units plus the Missile Turret.

  • Finally, use your Banshees, Vikings, and Thors to clear out the North-west path and most importantly take out the missile turret shown below:

ghost of a chance

With this turret dead, Nova can get close enough to nuke the primary army and then take out the final structure, ending the mission.

Ghost of a Chance Video Walkthrough - Brutal

If you are still struggling with this mission, here is a video that shows you exactly how to get past this mission from start to finish.

Part 1

Part 2

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