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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodFortunately, Media Blitz is one of the easiest missions to beat in Brutal Mode thanks to the Odin.

Below, I will reveal a step-by-step process for beating this mission without too much of a challenge.

Step by Step Media Blitz Brutal Walkthrough

To start off the match, you get to take out one of the three Terran bases with the Odin.

You do have a limited amount of time here so you should pick which base you want to kill prior to starting the surprise attack. The base you want to kill should be dependent upon the basis of your army:

- The northwestern Terran base is mostly anti-air units.
- The northeastern Terran base is mostly siege-tanks and anti-heavy ground units.
- The eastern base is mostly anti-light units (anti-Marine).

In other words, if you want to use air units, kill the western base, and if you want to use ground, kill one of the other bases.

In particular, the Odin is great versus light ground units, which predominate the eastern base, so we can always kill that one later. I like to kill off the northeastern base early simply because dealing with all those Siege Tanks later in the game is not a lot of fun.

You should be able to kill off the entire northeastern base during your backstab attack. Use the Odin's cannon ability to destroy clusters of buildings to save time.

At the Main Base

  • Once you get to your main base, train SCVs continuously until your base is fully mined.

  • Set up some defense at the northwest entrance to your base (so you are free to attack the western base).

  • For defense, you will want to place your free Thor and about 8 Missile Turrets. As you train more Thors in the future, leave them there as well. You get hit with some pretty serious air attacks on Brutal, so there is no need to skimp on turrets.

  • Repair the Odin fully and start training Vehicle upgrades (weapons and armor).

  • Train 2 Science Vessels (if you have them) and send the Odin in to the Eastern base.

  • The Odin alone will easily take out the eastern base. If you do not have Science Vessels, pull it out when it gets to 1,000 health and repair it with SCVs, then send it back in to finish the job.

  • Do not try to cap the tower with just the Odin - come back for it later. This base produces units which attack you; by clearing it out you do not have to deal with that until you have more units.

  • Next, come back to your main base. With 2 out of the 3 bases down, the rest is easy.

  • Keep training a sizeable army of Thors. About 8 total will be enough to complete the mission.

  • Note that +weapons goes a long way for the Odin - each upgrade increases its damage dealt to ground units by 8 per shot. With +3 weapons, it will kill Hellions and Vultures in 1 hit.

  • Once you have about 8 Thors, move out. Leave 2 Thors on defense. Six Thors plus the Odin is plenty to finish off the next base.

  • If you do not have Science Vessels, train about 4-6 Wraiths or Vikings to take out the Battlecruisers at the next base. Let them hang in the back and only use them for Battlecruisers - the Thors take everything else out on their own.

  • With Science Vessels, you can march into the base and take it out all-out with ease. Without them, pull back about 1/3 of the way through and repair with SCVs, then go in and finish the base.

  • Once all the bases are dead, pull all your Troops together and take out the towers one at a time. This part is easy - just make sure you leave a unit on the beacon as the units do not stop coming until progress gets to 100%.

Media Blitz Brutal + Achievements Walkthrough

This video is done on Brutal mode and shows you how to complete the mission easily not only on Brutal mode but also how to unlock Blitzkrieg while doing it:

Media Blitz Brutal Guide Conclusion

Beating this Starcraft 2 mission on brutal mode is very easy thanks to the Odin. It clears out two of the three bases alone which makes the final base very easy!

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