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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodWhile beating the Safe Haven mission can seem difficult at first, the truth is that with the right strategy, beating this mission on brutal mode is very easy.

Unlike many missions which falsely advertise a new unit as being the best for the mission, it turns out that for once the featured unit, the Viking, is the key unit to beating this mission.

The most important thing to note about this mission is that the Protoss base has no Pylons but rather is powered entirely by Warp Prisms.

By killing off the Warp Prisms from a safe distance with your Vikings, you disable all of the Photon Cannons and detection, making this mission very easy. Below, you fill find a step-by-step guide that you can use to help you out with this mission.

Step-by-Step Safe Haven Brutal Guide

  • As soon as the mission starts, begin training SCVs. If you have Tech Reactor technology, build one on the Starport.
  • If you do not have the Tech Reactor yet, build a Reactor on the Starport. If you have Science Vessels, build a second Starport with a Tech Lab to train Science Vessels. If you do not have Science Vessels, stick to 1 Starport.

  • You start out this mission with a lot of Vespene gas. This makes building Science Vessels very easy.

  • Train 2 Science Vessels as soon as you can (alternatively: train Vikings).

  • As soon as you get either 2 Vikings or 2 Science Vessels out, you can assault the first Protoss base.

  • First, kill off all the Phoenix and Warp Prisms by circling the colony. Avoid heading into directly over the Nexus. You should not take much damage from Sentries and you should completely avoid Photon Cannons.

  • Once you kill off all the flying units, you can then land your Vikings on the high-ground and assault the Nexus:

Safe Haven Brutal Guide

  • Once you kill off all the flying units, the Protoss player no longer has sight up to these cliffs. You can then land on the cliffs with your Vikings and safely kill the Nexus without taking any damage.

  • While you are assaulting the first base, you will be attacked by the Protoss player, but your Marines and Medics should be able to hold off the Zealots and Stalkers (make sure they are grouped together).

  • Continue to train Vikings as you assault the first base. Additionally, call in mercenary Marines and Marauders - you will need them for defense.

  • After dropping the first Nexus, pick up and head back to your base. Do not worry about cleaning up the ground units or de-activated cannons.

  • The Terran settlement will be attacked by the Protoss. Ignore it for now; the ship has 8,000 HP and it will take the Protoss Carriers a long time to kill it off.

  • You will be attacked by a group of Stalkers and a Colossus. Use your ground units to kill the Stalkers and your Vikings to kill the Colossus. After killing the Colossus, you can send your air units in to take out the Carrier.

  • After killing the Carrier, send your Vikings in on the second base.

  • Kill off the few Warp Prisms and Colossus, and then land on the north-west corner to kill the Nexus:

safe haven brutal

  • Killing off the Colonies is easy. However, the most important thing here is speed. You will want to kill this Nexus by the time the second fleet attacks so you can safe the second Colony.

  • Kill off the second attack Fleet. You will gain resources from the attack, so it is worth it.

  • Continually produce Vikings the entire time.

  • After killing off the second Fleet, it is time to attack the main Protoss base. There are a few Carriers here as well as a High Templar.

  • Once again, kill off all the flying units before attacking. Additionally, fly around the Southern part of the base. The reason you do this is to bait the High Templar to use Psionic Storm.

  • It has enough energy for 3 Psionic storms, so make sure you bait at least two of them.

  • Once it uses Psionic storm(s) and you kill off all the flying units, pull back. Let your Science Vessels heal up all your units, or bring SCVs in to repair.

  • Land all your Vikings and go in for a ground assault. They will be able to easily handle the Archons after getting repaired.

  • This will de-power the Purifier. If you were fast, you will be able to pick off the Purifier before the last Protoss attack. If not, you will have to return to your base to kill off the Carrier attack and kill the Purifier afterwards.

  • When attacking the Purifier, attack from the side opposite of which it is moving. The reason you do this is because Vikings have a range of 9, which allows them to out-range the Purifiers attacks.

safely attack the purifier

  • You can send 6-10 Vikings to kill the Purifier while the rest protect your base from Protoss attacks. They will slowly wear it down from a safe position where they cannot be hurt.

  • Avoid attacking the Purifier while it is channeling on colonies. It will summon units to help it plus use Vortex on your units. It can only be safely attacked when it is moving from colony to colony.

Save Haven Brutal Guide Video Walkthrough

Safe Haven is tough, but this video guide will help demonstrate how you can do this mission without stressing too much:

Safe Haven Brutal Guide Conclusion

That's it! The key here is to just be quick when killing the Protoss bases. Remember to kill off all the air units, land in a safe spot, kill the Nexus, and move on to the next base.

The quicker you finish the better, as the Protoss attacks you your base get stronger with each passing moment.

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