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In this article, I will be revealing one of my top Starcraft 2 2 Terran 2v2 strategies that works incredibly well. Note that this strategy is for teams that consist of two Terran players.

This particular Terran 2v2 strategy involves both players going for an air rush. However, there are two additional requirements. First off, this strategy only works at maps with no backdoor entrance. Additionally, it works best if there is a choke point you can wall off that protects both partners' main bases and natural expansions.

What you will want to do is start out the game by walling off the mutual choke point that prevents enemy ground units from reaching either main base or natural expansion. This can be quite far out into the field and sometimes the choke point is very wide. However, with two Terran players it should not be hard to wall off.

Next, start getting a lot of harvesters and teching to a Starport. A sample build order would be:

- 9/11 Supply Depot
- 12/19 Barracks
- 13/19 Refinery
- 15/19 Orbital Command
- 15/19 Refinery
- 16/19 Supply Depot
- 17/19 Factory

While the Factory is building, both players will opt for a fast expansion. As soon as that expansion is up and running, each player will build 3 Starports. One player should go for all Banshees whereas the other should go Vikings and Banshees (get Vikings first - Reactor on the first Starport and a Tech Lab on the last two).

You then proceed to mass Banshees and Vikings and hit the enemy with about a dozen of each. You can usually completely cripple one of the enemy's bases prior to his units getting in position. Use your Banshees to take out the important structures with the surprise attack.

Another thing that many players overlook is that when you are opting for a Terran 2v2 strategy such as this, you will want to hide your Starports and air units. You do not want a simple Scanner Sweep to reveal air units as your enemy will be able to easily prepare for this.

If a player is Protoss, be sure to throw down a few Missile Turrets to keep Observers out of the picture. Additionally, use Marines to chase out any Overlords. Rally your finished air units to the back corner of the map where the enemy is not likely to see them.

This does not work on maps with a destructible entrance since the double Terran wall makes rushing very unappealing. You only need a few Marines on the front line to deter a rush. If there are multiple backdoor entrances, do not attempt this strategy.

I have found this Terran 2v2 strategy to be effective versus all enemy combinations but even more effective when one player is Zerg. Zerg dread Terran walls and almost always opt for a Roach push when faced with a double Terran wall.

By the time the player has put together enough Roaches to take down your wall, your first Banshees should be arriving. At this point you can move into the Zerg enemy's base prior to the Zerg getting any anti-air.

It may seem like a risky Terran 2v2 strategy, but I have found that the success rate is extremely high if used at maps without destructible backdoors. It is practically a guaranteed win when one player is Zerg. I have found this to work even in the Diamond leagues as it is a very unusual strategy that is hard to counter.

Given your resources, if the air rush fails, you can always convert over to a traditional double-mech build quite easily. This is another Terran 2v2 strategy I will discuss in future articles.