Starcraft 2 Terran and Protoss 2v2 Strategies

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Below, I am going to reveal my favorite Starcraft 2 Terran and Protoss 2v2 Strategies. These are what I consider some of the most synergistic unit combinations since they are very easy to execute and highly synergistic.

Best Rush - Destroys Zerg & Protoss Players

Requires: Non-mutual choke point or no Terran Players.

If you are playing against a 2v2 team that has a Zerg or Protoss opponent, this is one of best strategies to use. This will not work on maps with a mutual choke (a Terran wall will ruin this strategy).

Protoss player should opt for a 3-Gate Zealot push; starting with a 2-gate pumping Zealots. Go for 9 Pylon / 10 Gateway / 12 Gateway. Start pumping Zealots and adding Probes (set on minerals). Delay getting gas and focus on getting Zealots.

The Terran Player opts for a quick 12 Barracks / 15 Barracks, both with Tech Labs attached. The Terran player will pump out Marauders. Be sure to get Concussive Shells.

The idea is to push with about 8-12 Zealots and 6-8 Marauders (depending on enemy's position, defense, and army size). Zealots and Marauders work very well together, as Zealots are great versus other Zealots, Zerglings, and Marines, whereas Marauders destroy armored units and slow down units trying to kite Zealots.

Hit the Zerg player (no wall) and move all your units into his base as fast as possible. If the Zerg has a fast expansion, ignore it and go for the main base. You do not want to give the Zerg player's partner to organize or the Zerg player to pump out more units and defense in their base.

Best Unit Combo vs Terran Players

Requires: Mutual Choke (Terran player must wall off both bases - destructible rocks are fine).

I hate playing against Terran players in 2v2 due to Siege Tank stalemates. Fortunately, this Terran and Protoss 2v2 strategy is highly effective at breaking up tank blocks.

The Protoss player should mass Stalkers and Sentries. Go for the more delayed 13 Gate / 16 Cybernetics Core into a 4-Gate with a fast Twilight Council. You will need to research Blink early in the game, and pump out as many Stalkers and Sentries as you can.

Essentially, opt for a more economical version of the common 3-gate Blink Stalker build since you do not have to get many early units thanks to your Terran ally's wall.

The Terran player should wall off the mutual choke and follow a 1/1/1 build. Add a few Siege Tanks if necessary to buy time, then opt for an expansion and a few Starports. The Terran player will then mass Banshees.

Stalkers, Sentries, and Banshees are highly synergistic. Banshee utterly dominates ground units and Siege Tanks, whereas blinking Stalkers take out any anti-air units. Sentries significantly reduce damage from anti-air units. Just take a look at some math:

Guardian Shield: Reduces ranged attack damage by 2. This takes off 2 damage off each attack, so a unit like the Viking, which deals 6 damage x 2 attacks to light air units (Banshee is light) only deals 4 x 2 (8 damage). Given that the Banshee has 140 HP, even a fleet of Vikings will be slow to take them out..

A Mutalisk's damage is reduced from 9 to 7, and then the Splash damage is practically reduced to nothing.

The most dangerous unit versus is the Phoenix. Fortunately, most Protoss players will not get these when facing a Protoss/Terran combo. It will deal 20 damage per hit to Banshees (16 with Guardian Shield up), so be careful to take out the Phoenix right away with your Stalkers (Blink to keep up with them).

The Protoss player needs to be quick on Blinks to guard the Banshees from any potential resistance. The Terran player can also use Scanner Sweep to pick off any Observers. Stalkers can focus fire Overseers. Cloak can be very devastating if microed properly.

Use the Banshee to focus down units most dangerous to the Stalker (Siege Tanks, Colossi, Immortals), and then take out anti-air ground units (Marines, Hydralisks, Stalkers).

If you can survive an early rush, this strategy is flawless. The only real counter it has is Thors, which take a long time to build. Make sure you hit before too many Thors get out onto the field. You can use your Stalkers to focus down Thors quickly while avoiding them with Banshees. Get +1 armor to Banshees and use Guardian Shield to reduce the damage Banshee's take versus Thors.

Fastest Win - Proxy Reapers + 2 Gate

You can rack up tons of fast wins, even in the Diamond league, following this simple strategy. It works versus all races and practically on all maps. The only requirement is the Terran player needs to have good micro.

The Terran player will opt for this build order:

- 7 Barracks (yes, you read that right)
- 7 Refinery
- 7 Tech Lab
- 7 Reaper
- 8 Command Center
- Reapers non-stop
- Try to sneak down a Bunker

The Protoss player will opt for this build order:

- 9 Pylon
- 10 Gateway
- 10 Gateway

Pump Zealots; use Chrono Boost on Gateways add Probes while the 4th Zealot is building.

The Terran player heads in quickly with the Proxy Reaper and starts harassing the enemy. This works well on all races. The major purpose here is to slow down one player. If the player pulls his harvesters off to try to kill your Reaper, you are doing it right. Do not allow your Reaper to take damage; it must stay alive.

The Protoss player will send in Zealots once the 3rd Zealot is out. If you slowed down one player enough and diverted their attention to your Reaper(s), usually the Zealots can walk right in the front door, or break down a Terran wall no problem (should not be any units). Use your Reaper to pick off the lone Marine or two that might be behind the wall.

Keep pumping Zealots and Reapers and send them in. In the confusion, use your SCV to build a bunker behind one player's mineral line. As soon as your Bunker goes down, you win. Put the Reaper in the Bunker and watch as it picks off all Harvesters and eventually the Nexus from behind the safety of the Bunker.

Once inside the Bunker, the rushed player will be knocked out of the game. Even if your initial force dies to the opponent's teammate, you can now build out your base and kill the other partner at your leisure.


You have three strategies, all ideal for different playstyles and situations. The Zealot & Marauder combo works best versus when enemy players do not have a mutual base to defend or aren't Terran, the Stalker & Reaper strategy works best in busting down Terran blockades, and the final strategy works great if the Terran player has good micro.