Starcraft 2 Terran and Zerg 2v2 Strategies

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Terran and Zerg make an effective 2v2 combo. In this article, I will list some of the best Starcraft 2 Terran and Zerg 2v2 strategies I have seen in online play.

Reaper / Zergling Rush

I have seen this combination used very effectively at the very top of the Diamond league. Here is how it works:

The Terran Player opts for a quick Reaper build. They should still opt for a 9 Supply Depot / 12 Barracks, but immediately transition into getting gas. Go for a 13 Refinery and put 3 SCVs on gas right away.

What you want to be able to do is as soon as the Barracks finishes, grab a Tech Lab, and start training Reapers.

The Zerg Player will opt for a 10 Pool with an early Vespene node. This will allow the Zerg player to get out 6 early Zerglings and research Metabolic Boost as soon as possible.

The first Reaper and 6 Zerglings should arrive around the same time at the enemy player's base. When you get to the first players base, supply snipe rather than kill harvesters. This involves quickly killing off any offensive units that may be present (should not be many) and then going for supply depots and Pylons.

In fact, you want to avoid confrontation with harvesters. When the enemy player pulls off his harvesters to attack you, just run away. Time that he is spent not harvesting is time that you are pulling ahead. Ignore him the best you can and snipe supplies rather than trying to kill harvesters.

This results in the enemy played being supply blocked, or unable to train units due to not having enough supplies. Once you get 2-3 Reapers and 12 Zerglings you can finish off the harvesters.

You should be targeting Pylons as your #1 target and Supply Depots as your #2 target. This works best if there is a Protoss player, but it is not essential. If you can snipe 1 Pylon or 1 Supply Depot, the player will no longer be able to train units. This makes it 2 on 1.

Keep pumping out Reapers and Speedlings and sending them in. Once you supply snipe one player; finish him off. Do not allow any SCVs, Probes, or Drones to escape (you have fast units after all).

You can then go on to win an easy 2v1 game. The Terran player can easily transition into Marauders and Siege Tanks if the other player walls up. The Zerg player can transition into Banelings to help bust any walls down.

Vikings and Broodlords (other units optional)

While the Reaper / Zergling rush is my favorite, in late game situations, especially in those obnoxious situations where Terran players wall themselves in with tons of Siege Tanks, this technique works very well.

With Vikings and Broodlords, you have the best of both worlds. Vikings are the best anti-air unit in game, dealing siege-ranged anti-air attacks, whereas Broodlords are powerful siege-ranged ground attacks.

Both of these units have no real weakness. Broodlords have no weakness from the ground and Vikings have no weakness from the air. The only unit in game which counters a Viking in the air is the Mutalisk.

If an enemy player masses Mutalisks, you simply need to either add 3 Thors to the mix. This is enough to tip the fight in favor of the Terran, and thanks to the massive range of the Vikings and Thors, there will not be any hit and runs.

Since there should be a lot of extra minerals floating around, the Zerg player can add a ton of Zerglings to the mix to help keep ground units away from the Broodlords.

The key method for making this work is to get enough Broodlords that is practically impossible for the enemy's ground units to move in range (1 dozen usually works, but if its late game, you always get more). A 100-supply army of Broodlords should easily defeat a 200-supply army of ground units, simply because Broodlings make it entirely inconvenient to move around on the ground.

Massing Vikings with a few Thors keep the Broodlords entirely safe. Vikings can also pick off Colossi, which kill Broodlings very effectively.


When played right, a very fast Zergling and Reaper push will defeat nearly any 2v2 team and is my #1 Starcraft 2 Terran and Zerg 2v2 strategy. In games where players wall up with Siege Tanks and tons of automated defense, expand the map aggressively and mass Broodlords and Vikings and force your way in.