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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodI found that unlike beating this mission in Brutal mode, the Starcraft 2 The Devil's Playground Achievements are actually very easy to beat. I did not have a problem unlocking any of these and neither will you with the tips offered in this article.

There are three primary achievements: The Devil's Playground, Red Lobster, and Reaper Man. There is also the opportunity for +3 Zerg Research, the location of which is offered below (and is actually earned as one of the achievements).

If you need help with beating this mission on Brutal mode, please see the The Devil's Playground Brutal guide. With that said, here is the step-by-step guide to each achievement:

The Devil's Playground Achievement

This one is unlocked just by completing the mission. I am not going to go into much detail here because you unlock this achievement simply by completing the mission.

Red Lobster Achievement

To complete this achievement, you have to kill the Brutalisk in the Lava in "normal" difficulty or higher. This one seems a bit tricky at first, but it becomes a lot easier when you use the "save" feature.

In order to lure the Brutalisk into the lava, attack him with a Reaper, and when it closes distance on you, run the Reaper backwards a bit and hit the "H" key. This makes the Reaper stop moving and start attacking. Let it get 1 or 2 shots off, then move it back again and repeat this process.

You only want to move a little bit at a time, being careful not to get too far ahead of the Brutalisk. By using this method, the Brutalisk will keep chasing you for a good 20 seconds. If you get too far ahead of him and stop attacking him, he will turn back and leash to his location.

Ideally, lure him down the right ramp into the enclosed area. This is closer to his spawn location and as a result he will follow you a good bit down into that area. This way you have more of a window to kill him.

What you want to do is get 2 Reapers down by the Brutalisk (I recommend 2, because if the Brutalisk manages to kill one, the other one can still pull him) with about 30 seconds before lava eruption (you can see the timer in Normal Mode). Save the game at this point.

With about 20 seconds left, attack the Brutalisk and kite him into the lower level. He should arrive a few seconds ahead of the lava so that he will be killed for sure once the lava rises. The save feature is handy because if it does not work, just reload the game and try again until you get it.

Reaper Man Achievement

To unlock this achievement, all that you have to do is meet up with each group of Reapers located throughout the map. The Reaper Man achievement is actually one of the easiest of the "hard" achievements to get in the game, since you are not racing against a clock (like normal).

The Reapers do not actually have to survive, and you can use Reapers to unlock all of the hidden Reapers throughout the map. Here are the locations:

  • Location 1: Just east of the Command Center that you tasked with rescuing near the start of the match.
  • Location 2: At the main entrance (ground entrance) to the Zerg bases. If you try to send Marines or another ground unit to the Zerg base, they will walk right by this location.
  • Location 3: Directly behind the Lair/Hatchery in the southern Zerg base. They are actually quite deep in the base and right behind the Hatchery.
  • Location 4: The last of the hidden Reapers is literally in the middle of the eastern Zerg base, directly behind the Zerg Lair. You can reach it easily with Reapers by hopping over the walls to the south of the base.

The Devil's Playground Research

You get 3 Zerg Research points by killing the Brutalisk in any difficulty. You can pick it off without taking any damage by kiting it with Reapers.

The Devil's Playground Achievements Conclusion

Now you know how to unlock all the achievements for this mission. Just remember to save the game 30 second before Lava eruption to get unlimited tries on kiting the Brutalisk and to run your Reapers through the Southern and Eastern Zerg base to unlock Reaper Man. 

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