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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodFortunately, beating The Dig on Brutal mode is much easier than unlocking The Dig Hard achievement. In this article, I will be revealing a simple strategy you can use to beat this article.

There are really only two things you have to worry about when working on this mission: continually training units and using the drill intelligently.

If you are attacking the right units with the drill and set up your defense intelligently, this mission becomes very, very easy. Below, I will give you a step-by-step plan for beating this mission in Brutal Mode.

Step-by-Step The Dig Brutal Guide

Note: the only thing you really have to worry about is defending yourself here. Worry about the research and achievements when doing this mission over again on hard mode.

  • The first thing you need to do is get to your base without losing any units. You should be able to kill both initial sets of units you have to fight on the way to your base without losing any units.
  • Micro (run) your hurt units away so the medics can heal them up, and do not let the Archon get near your Marines.
  • As soon as you get to your base, build 1 Bunker at each entrance and start training Siege Tanks and SCVs. Place 2 Tanks at the North Entrance to your base and 1 tank at the south entrance to your base.
  • Focus on building as many SCVs as you can at the start of the game. You will need a big economy to build up your defense appropriately.
  • As soon as you get control of the Drill, use it to kill off Immortals and Archons.
  • At the north entrance to your base, you will want to build a total of 3 Bunkers. You will want 2 Bunkers at the southern part of your base. However, the bulk of your defense should be Siege Tanks.
  • Train Siege tanks non-stop (eventually you will want about 10-12 at each entrance to your base).
  • At the start of the game, the units coming from the northeast will be the most dangerous as they have a straight-shot at your base. Be sure to pick them off first.
  • Fill the Bunkers with primarily mercenary Marines and Marauders. Place 2 SCVs at each entrance to repair things as they come in.
  • At around 85,000 health remaining on the door, you will start seeing Immortals. Immortals, not Archons, are your #1 kill priority. Always use the drill to kill Immortals.
  • At around 70,000 health remaining on the door, the first wave of air units will come in. Prior to this (at around 75,000 health) you will want to start building a lot of Missile Turrets. You will want around 10 total, all along the border of the Missile Turret.
  • Use the Laser to kill off the Carriers rather than focusing on the Drop Ships. Your Missile Turrets will quickly kill off the Drop Ships - the Carriers and Void Rays are much more dangerous.
  • Keep training Siege Tanks non-stop. You can never get enough of these.
  • Make sure you do not pull the drill off for units like Zealots and Stalkers. These will easily get picked off by your Siege Tanks.
  • At around 50,000 health, more dangerous units start entering the fight.
  • The most dangerous unit on the field is the High Templar. Constantly scan for these and use the drill to kill them. A Psionic Storm on your Siege Tanks can be devastating.
  • The second most dangerous unit is the Colossus. It does not do much damage, but provides sight for the Immortals which will then proceed to attack your tanks from the lower ground.
  • The only other thing that can wipe you out late in the game is a swarm of Immortals from the North-east. Since they have a straight-shot into your base, Immortals are very deadly, particularly if there is a group of them.

Keep this up and eventually the door will break down.

Brutal Video Walkthrough for "The Dig"

Here is a video guide that you can follow along with for "The Dig" on Brutal mode:

Part 1

Part 2

The Dig Brutal Guide Conclusion

Use the drill to kill Immortals, Colossi, High Templar, and Carriers, and let your defense do the rest. Constantly train Siege Tanks and be sure to keep a few SCVs out for repairs and this mission is easy. Enjoy the quick win!

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