Starcraft 2 Thorship Replay

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In this replay, the Terran player demonstrates how to use terrain to his advantage to secure an incredibly quick win via dropping a Thor with a Medivac, a strategy also known as the "Thorship".

Zerg players are often at the mercy of high ground, especially around their natural expansions. Since Zerg are very slow to get air units and it is very expensive (and slow) to get Overlords to have Ventral Sacs, this strategy is virtually unstoppable at some maps!

My favorite thing about this replay is that it is a low APM technique. Many pro level matches, especially ones that use terrain as a focal strategy require an APM that is not achievable without playing hours on end. This strategy can be used by anyone and can result in a lot of easy wins when playing against Zerg players!

Here is the video:

Strategy and Comments

In nearly every match of Zerg vs Terran in Starcraft 2, the Zerg player has to go for a fast expansion in order to stay competitive. The Terran player knows that his opponent will go for this fast expansion, and knows that the Thor can attack the natural expansion without reprise.

If you are Terran and go for this strategy, be sure to scout. While Zerg players will almost always go for the fast expand in the Diamond league, you never know what people will do in the lower leagues. You might end up with a Roach push and if you have no units you could be caught in a bad spot!

Terran Build Order

10/11 Supply Depot
12/19 Barracks
13/19 Refinery
15 or 16/19 Orbital Command

As soon as the Refinery finishes, put 3 SCVs on it and build a Factory as soon as you have the gas. 

You can then build up your base and grab a second Refinery. As soon as the Factory finishes build an Armory and Starport. Exact build order may vary based on the following factors:

Key Points / Times in the Replay

  • @3:30: When the Factory finishes, start building a Hellion. This will ward off any Zerglings.
  • Pump out Marines steadily from the Barracks to stop any potential Roach pushes. Be sure to scout to see if you need to throw down a Bunker.
  • @4:25: Note that the Marines walk up via the ground. This way, the player can carry the Marines up the ledge with a single Medivac.
  • @5:00: When the Terran player finishes the Thor, he continues to build Thors, Marines, and an expansion in the event that this is not the end of the game.
  • @5:35: The Spine Crawler is the only thing that can actually hit the Thor, so it is important to focus this down first.
  • @5:50: A MULE can be called down to the ledge to repair the Thor. MULEs repair very quickly and are great support for Thors. A single Thor plus a MULE up on this ledge can kill several Spine Crawlers and then pick off the expansion.


When playing as Terran (or even Protoss), look for situations where you can attack Zerg expansions from higher ground. If you rush for a drop, most Zerg players will have no counter for this, particularly if they opt for a fast expansion.