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In this article, I will be discussing Starcraft 2 Zerg 2v2 strategy. While I am not a fan of double Zerg teams due to a lack of versatility, it can be effective if played properly.

Before we get started, I figured it would be good to discuss the pros and cons of double Zerg teams:


- Creep can be spread around the entire map. No need to worry about interfering with partner's buildings.

- One player can focus entirely on Roaches and Zerglings, making him free to funnel gas over to the other Zerg player.

- Large numbers of Roaches and Zerglings are strong in early pushes.


- Weak late game. If too many Siege Tanks or Thors get out on the field, the game is over.

- Weak early game. Zerg players can't wall, so they can expect to get pushed early and often.

- Will be practically impossible to beat good double Terran teams, especially at shared base maps. This is the #1 reason I don't like playing as Zerg/Zerg - who wants to automatically draw a loss when playing against a double Terran?

Zerg 2v2 Strategy - Mutalisks & Speedlings

The common Zerg strategy of dumping minerals into Zerglings and vespene gas into Mutalisks is even more effective in 2v2 due to resource trading.

Whoever is going for Mutalisks can receive gas from the other Zerg teammate. This can allow the Zerg player to tech quickly off of 1 base and get a decent amount of Mutalisks in a very fast fashion.

The other player should build as many Speedlings and Roaches as possible and receive minerals from his teammate. This player can also pick up an expansion when applicable.

The Speedling/Roach masser pressures the other team to slow them down so the Mutalisks can arrive and end the game. It is a very effective strategy, especially if the player controlling the Speedlings is good at harassment.

It shines versus Zerg players as Zerg are typically slow to get anti-air.

Zerg 2v2 Strategy - Baneling / Zergling & Roach

Banelings, Zerglings, and Roaches are a common early push from Zerg players. This combination is very effective at taking out infantry and building walls. However, the problem is researching Metabolic Boost, Centrifugal Hooks, and building all 3 buildings is a big drain on the Zerg player.

In 2v2, this situation is rectified. One player should just get a Roach Warren and focus entirely on Roaches. The other player should focus on Zerglings and Banelings entirely. By sharing the research and tech load, both armies will be slightly larger (and trained quicker).

The Speedlings and Banelings alone can kill most early ground armies, and the Roaches are there to soak up damage from any heavy units that may be present.

The only downside to this approach is it leaves the Zerg players open for an air rush, to take care to scout regularly.

Zerg 2v2 Strategy - Baneling / Infestor & Roach

If your initial push using the Baneling/Zergling/Roach combo does not finish off your opponent, you will naturally need to diversify your units.

The player using the Banelings should add in Infestors to the mix. Laying down a Fungal Growth on ground units, and then moving in with Banelings on the rooted and damaged units is highly effective.

To make it even more effective, research some Roach tech, move the burrowed Roaches under the rooted units, and unburrow for maximum carnage. Use your Infestors to Neural Parasite any large, dangerous units like Thors and Immortals

Two things: You will need solid coordination to execute this, so voice chat is recommended. Additionally, you will need to take care that you are fighting against a ground army, as this combo possesses no anti-air combinations.


These three Zerg unit combinations they are amongst the most powerful Starcraft 2 Zerg strategies around. If you must play as double Zerg, this is the way to do it!