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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn this article, I will be giving you a complete The Evacuation Brutal Walkthrough. In this mission, you have to escort civilians down a road while protecting them from the Zerg. In order to complete the mission, 30 of the 50 civilians must survive.

Fortunately, this The Evacuation brutal setting is actually quite easy compared to some of the other missions. By setting up some basic defense, you can make this mission a complete joke, even on Brutal Mode. You even will have time to grab the research if you want to.

Research and Mercenaries

This mission is significantly easier (i.e. perhaps the easiest brutal mission of all) if you have the +150 life to Bunker upgrade (earned from Zerg Research). If you selected the Shrike Turret (auto-attack on Bunkers) or simply do not have that much research yet, it is a bit tougher, but still doable.

Additionally, you definitely want to have hired the Marauder mercenaries. If you have not done that yet, do it. Regardless of the planet path you chose, you should be able to afford this one.

The Evacuation Brutal Walkthrough - Step-by-Step

With that said, it is still very doable without any of the research or mercenaries. There will be some slight tweaks to the walkthrough depending on one you picked. With that said, here is the step-by-step walkthrough for The Evacuation brutal mission:

  • To start, move with your Firebats and Medics to the main base. There is 3 nearby resource pellets - 1 mineral and 1 vespene in the north fields on the way to the base, and another mineral pellet just to the north of your mercenary compound. Be sure to pick up both pellets.
  • Next, start training SCVs right away. You need a lot of SCVs in this mission, so do not stop training them.
  • Additionally, build a Supply Depot as soon as you can. You will need this shortly.
  • Keep training SCVs and building supply depots. Additionally, start training Medics at your Barracks. Early Medics are always good because they store up energy throughout the game.
  • Train 3 Medics, then start training Marines. Keep training SCVs and at this time the first escort will be about to start.
  • Save your game before each escort, so you can re-load it in case you mess up.
  • The first and second escort waves are actually the hardest in my opinion. Keep your units on top of the vehicle most of the way. There are three main attack points: the southwest path, the east path, and the northwest path.
  • When escorting the vehicle, protect the free bunker you get on the southwest path. Next, follow it up on the east path and kill all those units. At this point, you will be struggling to finish off all those units by the time the Zerglings take out the Northwest bunker.
  • It is okay to lose this Bunker on Brutal mode - we will just rebuild this shortly.
  • If the vehicle blows up, you are still doing just fine. In fact, the Vehicle can blow up every time and you can still complete the mission. The computer's units target the closest aggressive thing, and the vehicle attacks Zerg units. Once the civilians come out, just keep your units on top of them and they will all survive.
  • After the first civilians are safely escorted, be sure to train all the mercenaries that are available to you.
  • Next, build 1-2 Bunkers beside the free one you got on the Southwest side (1 bunker if you have +150 health, 2 Bunkers if you did not get that upgrade). Place 1 Firebat and 2 Marines in each Bunker.
  • Now, the most important part: leave 2 SCVs and 2 Medics at the southwest set of bunkers. The Medic will heal the SCVs and each other and the SCVs will repair the bunkers. This set of defense can hold off every attack in the mission, although you may have to replace the SCVs and medics on each wave.
  • Consistently train units and escort the second vehicle.
  • After the second wave, build two Bunkers at the Northwest entrance, just like you have at the southwest entrance. Once again, station 2 Medics, 2 SCVs, 4 Marines, and 2 Firebats at this juncture (Marines and Firebats inside the bunker of course).
  • After the third wave, build 2 bunkers at the east entrance to the road. Again, station 2 SCVs, 2 Medics, 4 Marines, and 2 Firebats here.
  • At this point, you have nearly the entire road locked down and it is practically impossible to not save the final 20 Civilians. Even if you only managed to save a combined total of 10 civilians in the previous waves, there is no reason you cannot save all 20 in the last two waves.
  • Keep a moving force with the final two vehicles and you will do just fine. The bunkers will hold off most of the enemy units, you only have to deal with the ones that drop from the sky and come out of the ground.
  • Congrats, you have beat the mission on brutal!

The Evacuation Brutal Mode Video Guide

Here is a video walkthrough of The EVacuation on Brutal Mode. Following these strategies will make your life much easier:

Part 1


Part 2

The Evacuation Brutal Walkthrough Conclusion

The way to easily beat this mission is to build Bunkers at the 3 entrances and supply them with 2 SCVs and 2 Medics for repairs. If you do this, the rest of the mission becomes very, very easy.

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