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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodUnlocking The Evacuation Sacrifice Nothing achievement is actually quite easy. To complete this mission, all that you have to do is not allow any buildings to be destroyed, both from salvaging and enemy attack.

However, before we get into that, there has been a report of a bug where the game lists 1 building as being destroyed when you complete the mission.

Personally, I have let a colonist's building explode and still unlocked this achievement. Just be careful to protect both free bunkers you get and do not cancel any buildings and you will be just fine.

Step by Step The Evacuation Sacrifice Nothing Walkthrough

  • At the start of the game, come in quickly with your Firebats, picking up both resource pellets and killing all the Zerglings before they get to anything.
  • As soon as you get control of your base, start making SCVs and build a supply depot.
  • Before the first escort, you should be able to train 1 Medic, 1 Firebat, and 1 Marauder at your Barracks.
  • Right as the first wave is about to start, build another Supply Depot and queue up a bunch of SCVs and rally them to the mineral fields. This way, you can train a lot of SCVs while your attention is focused on the escort.
  • Save the game now and before each wave (though once you complete the first wave the rest is easy).
  • Bring an SCV with you on the first escort.
  • On the first wave, the biggest threat you have is letting the north bunker get blown up. The Zerg start attacking it when the convoy is bogged down about by the western entrance to the field.
  • When you get to this point, put 1 Firebat and 1 Marauder in the Bunker. Send 1 SCV with them. This way, they will be ready to attack even if the convoy is not that far up, and the SCV will repair the bunker.
  • You still may have to come in and protect the Bunker with your units. Protecting the Bunker on the first wave is the most important thing; after all you only have to save 30 people, not all 50.
  • As soon as the first wave ends, start training marines. Get 4 Marines, and load up each Bunker with 2 Marines and 1 Firebat a piece (take the Marauder out of the North Bunker).
  • Park 2 SCVs at each set of Bunkers.
  • Build a second Barracks and an Engineering Bay. Research ground weapons and produce a steady stream of Firebats and Medics.
  • Call in mercenaries (Marines and Marauders) as soon as you can.
  • Each Bunker armed with 2 SCVs should hold up just fine for the second wave. A small escort is all you need at this point.
  • After wave 2, you need to build 1 more Bunker at each location. Add 4 Marines to the southern bunker, and 2 Marines and 1 Marauder at the northern Bunker. The southern Bunker sees more Mutalisks whereas the northern Bunker sees more Roaches.
  • I prefer to build almost exclusively Medics and Firebats from my 2 Barracks; this is because the Zerg uses mostly Zerglings and the Marauders and Marines I get from the mercenary compound can take out the few Roaches and Mutalisks that come into the field of play.
  • On the third wave, a few Roaches enter the field. If you do not have the mercenary Marauders, train a few and add to your forces.
  • At this point, keep pumping out units and calling in Mercenaries. Also, add 2 Medics to each set of Bunkers. Banelings enter the field at this point and can damage your SCVs significantly.
  • Wave 4 involves Mutalisks and is simple with the Bunker set-up described. With 2 Bunkers, 2 SCVs, and 2 Medics, there are no worries.
  • Escort 5 is the last wave. Save at this point if you have not already, as there are more Banelings and Nydus Worms at this point. Use your Marauders to focus down the Nydus Worms and let your Firebats clean up the ground units. Two Firebats and two Medics can tank a Nydus Worm and its units forever.
  • Congrats, you unlock the achievement!

While it may seem like a lot to remember, it really can be boiled down to 2 Bunkers at the north and south entrances which are backed up by 2 SCVs and 2 Medics (at each Bunker). It is a fool-proof way to complete the achievement.

Video Walkthrough for "Sacrifice Nothing" and "Handled With Care"

These two achievements can be unlocked at the same time by playing on Hard mode. Here is a video guide showing you how to do it:

Part 1

Part 2

The Evacuation Research Locations

There are 3 pieces of Zerg research at this level, all of which are fairly easy to find.

- The first piece is just west of the southern bunker.

- The second piece is the furthest off the road; you have to head down the eastern path (that Zerg like to attack the convoy from), follow it until it reaches a dead end and there you will find the last piece of research.

- The third piece is in plain sight by where the colonists unload to their escape ships.

Handled With Care Achievement

This is the other major achievement in The Evacuation and it is very, very easy. You should be able to unlock it while following this guide. However, if you are having trouble, set the difficulty to normal mode, and follow the exact plan laid out in this guide for the Sacrifice Nothing achievement.

The Sacrifice Nothing achievement teaches you how to make a great defense to stop almost all aggressive units. Next, have a group of 3-4 SCVs escort the vehicle along with your units. Set the SCVs to repair the vehicle (they can) and it will never die.

The Evacuation Sacrifice Nothing Conclusion

By using the strategies in this walkthrough, you should have no problem completing The Evacuation Sacrifice Nothing achievement.

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