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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodThe Moebius Factor is one of the easiest of the mid-game missions to beat in Brutal mode.

However, if you do not have a good strategy, it be quite difficult. By following the strategies below, you too will have little trouble beating this mission.

Like many of the Terran missions in Starcraft 2, success here is dependent upon the Marine and Medic (Medivac in this case) combination.

In this case, we will be using the Medivac. Your main base is on a small island, and as a result you will have to use some Medivacs to get you to the main piece of land.

Once you have loaded your units to the other side and cleared a landing spot, the rest of this mission is easy. Kerrigan takes a long time to clear out the buildings, so you have plenty of time to beat this mission.

Step-by-Step The Moebius Factor Brutal Walkthrough

  • At the start of the mission, start training SCVs to harvest minerals and throw down a Reactor on your Barracks. You will need this shortly for more Marines.

  • As soon as the first group of units asked to be helped, immediately rescue them. Dodge the Corruptor with your Medivac.

  • While your Marines and Goliath kill the Data Core building, train more Marines at your base.

  • Attach a Tech Lab to your Starport and try to get 2 Science Vessels out (if you have the technology).

  • Keep training SCVs to get your economy up and running.

  • Quickly return back to your base after killing the first Data Core. Take out the Nydus worm when it pops.
  • At this point, you have 14-15 minutes to kill the next Data Core before Kerrigan gets there. Take your time and do not rush. Stay in your base and mass Marines, Medivacs, and Infantry Upgrades.

  • Take 8 minutes to do this and do not stop making units (Marines, Medivacs, and Mercenaries).

  • Build 2 Bunkers at the entrance to your base and fill them with Marines. Leave 2 SCVs by them to repair. Build 2 Medics as well, which will heal the SCVs and any Marines that might get injured on defense. Occasionally a Brood Lord will attack, at which point you will have to unload your Bunkers and kill it.

  • Once there are about 7 minutes left on the timer, move out.

  • First, clear out all the Spine Crawlers around your base.

  • Next, take a 2 dropships full of Marines and drop them on the roof where the stranded Moebius Security is.

  • Stay on the roof and pick off all the Spore Crawlers. This will clear you a space to bring over all your units.

  • Once you have cleared out a space, bring all of your units over to the space you just cleared.

  • Rather than trying to drop into the main Zerg hive, march your units along the ground and go up the main entrance to the second data core. Grab the stranded units and then kill the base.

  • While you are fighting the base, be sure to train more Medivacs and Marines at home, as well as keeping up with your research.

  • Important: Do not attack the Data Core until you kill off all of the Zerg buildings. As soon as you attack the Data Core, Nydus Worms will pop up which you will have to deal with.

  • As soon as the Nydus Worms spawn, you must kill them immediately. Out of the first Worm that spawns, you will find a swarm of Ultralisks and Infestors which can wipe your army quickly unless you kill it.

  • After killing the second Data Core, you will have to kill 2 worms quick. They both spawn Banelings, which can be very dangerous for your Marines if not killed quickly.

  • After killing the second Data Core, grab your new units and bring them over to your standing army. Be sure to leave your units in the Bunkers and a few Marines and Medics on defense.

  • Before killing the final Data Core, grab the last few stranded units. One is in plain sight, while the other can only be received by flying a Medivac over top of the paint that says "Alive Inside":


  • After gathering all your units, assault the third and final base. Clear out all the Spine Crawlers and the Hatchery/Hive and kill off all the units before touching the Data Core.

  • As soon as you have killed off most of the units, have your standing army focus the Data Core.

  • Important: Do not pull off the final data core to kill the units falling out of the sky and coming in through Nydus Worms. This Starcraft 2 mission ends as soon as you kill the final Data Core, so just kill it and end the mission.

  • If you try to kill the units, they will overrun your army and you will lose the mission.

The Moebius Factor Brutal Video Walkthrough

Here is a video demonstrating how to beat this mission quickly and easily on Brutal mode with mostly Medivacs and Barracks units:

Starcraft 2 The Moebius Factor Brutal Conclusion

By following this strategy, you should have no problem beating this Starcraft 2 mission on brutal mode. There are two major things to remember:

- Practice the start a few times (so you do not lose many units to the initial Nydus Worm and Mutalisk attack).

- After destroying the first Data Core, you have about 8 minutes to sit in your base and build up a massive army. There is no need to rush.

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