The Moebius Factor Hard Core and Alive Inside Achievements

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn this article, I will be revealing how to unlock all of the achievements in Starcraft 2 mission: The Moebius Factor.

The Alive Inside achievement is unlocked by rescuing all of the stranded units belonging to The Moebius Foundation. The locations of the stranded units can be found below.

The Moebius Factor Hard Core achievement is unlocked by beating this mission before Kerrigan destroys 6 Abandoned Buildings.

This is actually a very easy achievement considering it takes an extraordinary long amount of time for Kerrigan to destroy the buildings.

With that said, below you will find the locations of the stranded Moebius Foundation members and a step-by-step guide for beating this mission on Brutal mode.

Alive Inside Achievement - Stranded Mercenary Locations

Here is a picture of the mini-map detailing the locations of the stranded mercenaries:

alive inside

The mercenaries at "5" are hidden inside the building with the paint "Alive Inside". To get them, fly a Medivac overtop of the paint on the building:

alive inside achievement

Once you fly over the paint, 5 War Pigs will come out which you can then use to fight with.

The Moebius Factor Hard Core Step-by-Step Guide

  • As soon as the mission starts, start training SCVs and throw down a Reactor on your Barracks.

  • As soon as you get control of your Marines, take out the Spine Crawlers in front of your base. Take them out 1 at a time and micro your Marines so at most 1-2 die (preferably none).

  • Next, rescue the Moebius Foundation members just south of your base (point #1 on the map above). Take out the Data Core and return to your base. Mutalisks will arrive about this time, but you should beat them by a few seconds and be able to take them out.

  • Sit in your base and build 2 Science Vessels (if you have the tech), 4 Medivacs, and as many Marines and Mercenaries as you have money for.

  • Grab +1 weapons and armor for Infantry as soon as you can.

  • As soon as your fourth Medivac comes out, push out of your base and kill off all the Spine Crawlers in your way.

  • Next, scoop up all your units and drop them off on top of the platform with the stranded mercenaries at the #2 position on the map above.

  • From up there, shoot down the two Spore Crawlers in range. This gives you a safe point from which to drop your units.
  • Drop off all your units and move along the ground to point #3. Grab the mercenaries there and take out the second base and data core.
  • Keep training Medivacs at your base. Bring them over to your standing army whenever they come out.
  • Add two bunkers filled with Marines for defense. This way you can ignore any Nydus Worms that may pop and let your Bunkers handle it.
  • After killing the second data core, move to the mercenaries marked in positions #4 and #5. Grab them and incorporate them into your army.
  • Assault the final Data Core. Once you clear the Zerg buildings around it, focus down the Data Core and ignore all the Zerg units. It only takes a few seconds to kill and this ends the mission.

The Moebius Factor Achievements Video Walkthrough

Here is a video on Hard mode showing how to beat this mission with Kerrigan only searching 4 buildings to unlock Hard Core as well as the rescuing of all the troops to complete Alive Inside:

The Moebius Factor Research Locations

alive inside

By killing the Brutalisk at the yellow marker on the map, you get +3 Zerg research points. If you have a Science Vessel, you can kill the Brutalisk in 5-6 Irradiates. This is an easy way to grab the research points without having to use any units.

The Moebius Factor Hard Core and Alive Inside Achievements Conclusion

By following the strategies in this article, unlocking all of the achievements in The Moebius Factor Starcraft 2 mission is not a challenge. Enjoy!

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