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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn this article, I will be giving you an easy to follow walkthrough for beating the Starcraft 2 mission: The Outlaws on brutal mode and giving you a guide for the Outlaws achievements. Fortunately, the Outlaws Achievements and completing the Outlaws on Brutal mode is probably the easiest mission in game.

In Brutal Mode, the attacks from the enemy are very modest and you have plenty of time to build up a huge army. The only challenging achievement for The Outlaws mission is the time requirement, and even then the time requirement is very generous. We will start with the Brutal mode guide.

Starcraft 2 The Outlaws Brutal Guide

This mission is very easy to beat on Brutal mode as long as you remember one thing: you have plenty of minerals and there is no time limit. You are free to build the biggest army you can. Here are some more specific strategies that will help you beat The Outlaws easily on brutal mode:

  • As soon as the game starts, rally all your SCVs on minerals, and start training 1 Marine and 1 SCV.
  • As soon as you start training units and have your harvesters set, move your Marines slightly north to pick up the Mineral and Gas pellet. This will give you a free 100 vespene gas and 100 minerals.
  • Use the money to train another SCV and build a Supply Depot. 
  • At this point, keep training SCVs non-stop and sending them all to minerals. Train Marines non-stop at your Barracks as well.
  • Once you have about 10-12 Marines, you will see the announcement that the Rebels are in trouble. They will survive for a few minutes so do not worry about them right away.
  • Around the same time you hear that announcement, you will be attacked by a wave of 5 Marines (may come earlier, depends on how the computer is doing).
  • As soon as you get hit with the 5 Marine Wave, build a second Barracks and keep training Marines.
  • At around this time, you should also have 16 SCVs harvesting minerals and 3 harvesting Vespene Gas. You can now stop training SCVs.
  • Once you have 14 Marines, you can go save the Rebel Outpost.
  • This will give you a lot of extra Marines, a few Medics, a lot of mineral and gas pellets, and most importantly a Barracks with a Tech Lab.
  • As soon as you rescue the rebels, take your army up the northern road to the east (not to the main enemy base) and you will stumble upon 300 minerals in pellets being guarded by a few marines and a Medic. Take them out and claim your minerals (this will unlock an achievement as well).
  • Build a third Barracks at your main base, and train Medics and Marines constantly.
  • Once you get around 70 supply count, you can move in for the kill. There is nothing to it really, just keep training Marines and Medics and kill the enemy's base. Do not go in with a smaller army, and do not forget to queue up units on the Barracks production.
  • The only thing you have to be careful of is the Siege Tank by the enemy command center. Focus fire it down so you do not lose all your Marines.

..and that is all there is to it. Following these instructions word for word is not necessary; just make sure you grab all the mineral pellets and make a huge Marine and Medic army before going in. There is no time limit, so take all the time you need to get a massive army (~30 Marines and 10 Medics will win the match easily).

The Outlaws Brutal Mode Video Walkthrough

This video guide details exactly how to beat The Outlaws on Brutal mode, including voice commentary on the specifics of the strategy:

The Outlaws Achievements Guide

There are three achievements you can get in The Outlaws Mission:

The Outlaws - Complete all mission objectives. This is easy - just save the rebels and finish the mission and this is complete.

Cash Reward - Collect all Mineral and Gas Pellets on Normal (or higher) difficulty. Also quite easy: there are 9 pellets total. Two are a few steps north of your base, 3 are further north of your base, and the last 4 are in the base of the rebels that you rescue.

Be Quick or Be Dead - Complete "The Outlaws" on Hard in under 10 minutes.

This one is a bit tougher. For this one, I recommend following the guide laid out for Brutal Mode (naturally, you would set the difficulty to hard and not brutal). Here are a few key tips:

  • Grab the Mineral and Vespene Pellet as soon as the match starts.
  • Train SCVs and Marines constantly; your Command Center should not go quite prior to 19 SCVs and your Barracks should never go quiet.
  • Build a second Barracks as soon as you have the spare minerals.
  • As soon as the rebels call for help, move in with your units (you should have about 10-12 Marines. This is enough on "hard).
  • As soon as you rescue the rebels, rally your units to the outside of the rebel base, build a fourth barracks, and constantly train Marines and Medics.
  • As soon as your army is around 70 supplies, go in. If you trained constantly, you should finish in under 9 minutes.
  • As you are fighting the enemy base, be sure to focus down SCVs that repair buildings. They are slowing down your killing speed.

Here is a video guide demonstrating how to beat "Be Quick or Be Dead":


Beating on Brutal mode is very easy - just build a huge army and take your time. Completing the Be Quick or Be Dead is easy as well, as long as you maximize your economy by training SCVs and never stop training units, you will be able to unlock the Be Quick or Be Dead achievement quite easily.

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