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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn this article, you will find some very easy strategies for unlocking all the Welcome to the Jungle achievements. By following the strategies in this article, you will find that these achievements are actually very easy.

There are two achievements: Appetite for Destruction and It's So Easy. The Appetite for Destruction achievement requires you to not allow any of your SCVs to die in normal mode, whereas the It's So Easy achievement requires that you prevent the Protoss from capping a Tal'darim Altar in hard mode.

Bonus: There is also a Feat of Strength that you can unlock at this level, "You'ze So Crazy". In order to unlock it, you have to kill all the buildings of the Protoss player. That will effectively end the mission with a win.

I will go over Appetite for Destruction First.

Appetite for Destruction - Welcome to the Jungle Achievements Walkthrough

Completing this achievement is very easy if you follow this simple strategy. Essentially, know that you have no time limit and can take as much time as you want to cap each Tal'darim Altar. Our generally game plan will be to slowly cap each node in a safe and effective manner. Here is how it works:

  • First, build up your economy and army. Hang out in your base, train Medics and Marines (not goliaths), train a ton of SCVs (~20 on minerals, 3 on gas works fine) and build a few supply depots.
  • Do not leave your base at all until the Protoss try to seal one of the Tal'darim Altars.
  • Each time the Protoss try to seal an Altar, move out with about 70% of your army and kill them.
  • In the mean time, keep build a second Barracks and train Marines and Medics non-stop.
  • After the second time the Protoss player tries to cap a Tal'darim Altar, you should have enough resources to put up some defense. Throw up a few Missile Turrets around your base and additionally place 2 Bunkers at the entrance to your base.
  • The reason for building defense is you do not want the Protoss player to attack your base while you are out capping Tal'darim Altars. If they happen to kill an SCV during an attack on your base you fail this achievement.
  • Once you have build up a sizeable army, take out the Protoss expansion near your base. This is important because the Protoss player is always using this as a staging grounds for attack.
  • It is time to start capping Tal'darim Altars. Start with the ones closest to your base, and use 1 SCV at a time.
  • Keep most of your units on top of the SCV while it is harvesting.
  • Additionally, place about 8 marines and 4 medics in the middle of the altar you are capping and the path back to your base. This is to intercept any units that may come after your SCV on the way back.
  • Save before every cap. Load if you let an SCV die and try again. You should not need to though if you keep your SCV in between all your units and keep a few units in the middle of the return path to act as an escort.

Welcome to the Jungle Achievements - It's So Easy Walkthrough

At first, this one may seem pretty difficult, but with the following strategy it is actually very, very easy. What you want to do is nearly kill off the Protoss player. You want to clear out all their buildings off the map aside from their main base in the north.

If you kill every single Protoss building so there are no random Cannons or Pylons around the map for them to warp units to, you will have no problem with this mission. The reason is if you keep your army in the center part of the map, you can reach any altar and kill their sealing-off party and have plenty of time to spare.

The only requirement is taking out their small camps around the map so you can freely roam without having to battle your way through cannons or other buildings. Here are a few tips:

  • Do not worry about capping early in the game; focus on killing Tal'darim Altar sealing parties.
  • Marines and Medics should consist of the bulk of your army. Three Marines and Medic are much stronger than Goliaths with Stim Pack and are not much different in price. Since Medics can heal, your Marines will rarely die.
  • Add a few Marauders to the mix for dealing with the few Colossi you will encounter. The mercenaries work just fine for this role.
  • Before you even bother trying to cap a single Tal'darim Altar, clear out the map (aside from the northern base - this is too heavily fortified so it is not worth the time to kill).
  • Once you have cleared the map, you can split your army up into three groups - 2 main groups and a small off-shoot consisting of ~8 Marines and 4 Medics.
  • Park one main group at the northwest entrance to the Protoss base. This will intercept any units trying to leave from this part of the base.
  • Park the other main group at the northeast entrance to the Protoss base. This will intercept any units trying to leave from this exit to the base.
  • The last marine/medic group will act as an escort for your SCVs while they cap the altars in case any flying units slip through.
  • You can use the 2 large army groups to kill off any sealing parties once you get to this stage.
  • If you ever get caught in a bind and you think the Protoss player might cap a Tal'darim Altar, know that you only have to kill the Probe to stop the seal. You can send 3-4 Marines on a suicide mission and have them kill the Probe.
  • At this point, simply keep the Protoss player contained in his base with your 2 armies (you should be at about 120-130 supplies before attempting) and then have your small escort unit cap all the altars.

While this strategy may not be the fastest strategy around, it is completely fool-proof, so if you are having trouble with this achievement you should try it out. Just remember to buy the Marine and Medic upgrades.

It's So Easy and Appetite for Destruction Video Guides

Here is a video guide (completed on Hard mode) demonstrating exactly how to beat these 2 achievements at the same time:

Part 1

Part 2

Welcome to the Jungle Relics - Research Locations

There are three Protoss relics on the map. You should find all of them when completing the It's So Easy achievement, but in case you missed them:

  • The first relic is just north of your base and is impossible to miss.
  • The second relic is found on the mid-west portion of the map, right against the wall.
  • The third relic is found in the north-east corner. 

Feat of Strength - You'ze So Crazy Video Guide

If you beat this mission on Normal mode by destroying all the enemy Protoss buildings, you will unlock the You'ze So Crazy Feat of Strength, a hidden achievement.

Here is a video demonstrating how to unlock this achievement:


By following implementing these simple strategies, you should have no problem unlocking all of the Welcome to the Jungle Achievements. Enjoy!

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