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A step-by-step guide to beating this Starcraft 2 Mission

Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodBy applying the right strategies, you can beat the Welcome to the Jungle Brutal mode mission with surprising ease. Below, you will find my specific strategy for beating this mission.

While it may not be the fastest strategy around, it certainly is the easiest. I have designed the strategy to be as easy to use as possible so that greatest number of players will be able to complete this mission.

In fact, I am sure any player will be able to complete Welcome to the Jungle Brutal when following these instructions. With that said, here is the walkthrough!

Step-by-step Welcome to the Jungle Brutal Guide

The general strategy for I have developed for this mission is to split your army into three parts:

  • Your main troops should be mostly Marines and Medics with a few Marauders mixed in (a few trained Marauders plus the hired mercenaries).
  • Your troops on defense, which should consist of 2 Bunkers, Missile Turrets, your starting Goliaths, an SCV, and a Medic.
  • A sniping team, which should consist of 3-4 Reapers (used later in the game).

You can use your main troops to kill Protoss structures, take over territories on the map, and cap Tal'darim Altars. Early in the game, you will use this party to kill off any Protoss forces trying to seal the Tal'darim Altars.

Later in the game, when you are capping altars, sometimes the Protoss player will be sealing an altar on the other side of the map. You will want your main army to protect your SCV and then use the "sniping party" to stop the sealing of the altar.

In order to stop the Protoss from sealing the Tal'darim Altars, all that you have to do is kill the Probe. You can send in 3-4 Reapers, have them kill the Probe, and then immediately run away. You can frequently kill the Probe without losing any Reapers! You then can run your Reapers back to your base and have your medics heal them.

Your defense is to stop any random Protoss attacks and also to defend against sniped parties. Once you snipe a Probe with your Reaper, all of the aircraft and Stalkers will follow them back to your base. Your defense should be able to clean them up.

The other major factor is you want to only worry about protecting 8 altars. Since you only need to cap 7 altars, do not worry about the northernmost altars. Pick the 8 closest to your base and protect those only (this way you will have 1 back-up in case you somehow fail).

With that said, there are some finer details I do not want to overlook. Now here is the step-by-step approach to making all of this happen:

  • At the start of the game, add 1 Tech Lab onto your Barracks and start training SCVs to harvest minerals. Set 1 SCV to harvest gas.
  • Train medics, SCVs, and Marines non-stop. Build Supply Depots as necessary.
  • By the time the time of the first Protoss attack, you should have 5 Marines and 3 Medics finished and a supply count of about ~38/43 (about half being SCVs).
  • Research +1 weapons after this first attack on your base. Get armor as soon as it is done.
  • Keep training Marines and Medics until the Protoss try to seal their first altar. You should be able to stop this with Marines and Medics without losing a single unit.
  • After the first attempt to seal a Tal'darim Altar, call in your mercenaries and build a second Barracks.
  • Work on building up more units and defense. Do not try to harvest any of the Tal'darim Altars but rather keep building units.
  • You will want to throw up 2 bunkers loaded with normal marines (use your mercenaries on offense) and build about 5 Missile Turrets.
  • Do not cap altars until your army has reached 100 supplies. Build a big Marine, Medic, and Marauder ball.
  • Once you have a 100 supply army, kill the Protoss expansion near your base. Then, push forward and clear out the Pylons, Colossus, and units near the 3 northern Tal'darim Altars. This will give you access to the entire map so you can cap 7 altars.
  • Now, start capping altars. Keep training Marines and Medics to supplement your army.
  • Park your large army by your SCV that is capping the altar, and use your Reapers to snipe any capping attempts by the Protoss.

Welcome to the Jungle Brutal Video Walkthrough

Here is a video guide demonstrating how to beat this mission on Brutal mode. Note you can let the Tal'Darim cap the farthest altars, just protect the close ones.

By following these simple steps, the Welcome to the Jungle brutal mode mission is quite easy! Good luck!

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