A Sinister Turn - Maar-ked for Death and Out for Justice Achievements

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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodThe Maar-ked for Death and Out for Justice achievements are some of the easiest ones in the game, especially when you follow the killer strategies in this article.

The first achievement is Out for Justice. This achievement simply requires you to kill the eastern, south-western, and central Protoss bases.

This is actually quite easy. Follow the exact strategy outlined in the A Sinister Turn Brutal Guide but complete the mission on normal mode.

Now, when you mass up your large army, kill off the south-western Protoss base as well before going in. It is very easy and I have done this achievement in Brutal Mode by following the A Sinister Turn brutal guide linked above.

The Maar-ked for Death achievement requires a different strategy, which I will go over below.

Step-by-Step Maar-ked For Death Achievement Walkthrough

  • Start the game off by dropping a few Pylons, building Probes, and training 1 Stalker.
  • As soon as the Stalker comes out, go over to the Dark Templar shrine and lure the Zealot to your cannons. Drop a Pylon there.
  • Repeat this process at the Robotics Facility.
  • Keep building Probes, get 6 harvesting gas (3 at each node).
  • As soon as you can, start training Dark Templar.
  • When you get extra minerals, get another Gateway for extra Dark Templar.
  • Use excess minerals on Pylons and Cannons.
  • Fight off the first two Maar attacks.
  • By the second time you kill Maar, you should have about 8 Dark Templar.
  • When Maar spawns the 3rd time, send your Dark Templar out of your base, heading the opposite direction of Maar (avoid him at all costs).
  • Run your Dark Templar to the preserver crystals. A few will die as you walk through the Protoss main, but there is no detection in the Preserver area.
  • Save the game and hide your Dark Templar in the right corner of the Preserver area. Maar will probably die sometime around now.
  • As Maar is recharging, keep your Dark Templar hidden.
  • As soon as Maar respawns, he will avoid your Dark Templar. Use your Dark Templar to first kill off the few Zealots that are lingering around.
  • Next, and here is the most important part, you have to kill all 3 crystals at around the same time. Get them down to less than 100 health each.
  • As soon as you destroy 1 crystal, Maar will respawn and come back. Quickly kill off the last 2 crystals and the mission ends.
  • By following this strategy, you can easily do this mission in 10 minutes or less!

The research at this map is unlocked simply by powering all of the Protoss structures.

Maar-ked For Death Video Walkthrough

Here is a video walkthrough showing you how to unlock this achievement:

Part 1

Part 2

Maar-ked for Death and Out for Justice Achievements Conclusion

By using Dark Templar to stealth in and kill off the Preserver columns, the Maar-ked for Death achievement is very easy. By building an extremely large army, you can knock out the Out for Justice achievement as well with relative ease.

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