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Click Here to Get The Osiris MethodIn this step-by-step walkthrough, I will be revealing an easy method for beating the Echoes of the Future mission on Brutal mode.

If you are looking for information about achievements and research, see the Echoes of the Future achievements section for more details.

Below, I will be leading you through a step-by-step method for beating this mission easily.

As with all brutal missions, if you are having trouble with them, it is best to take your time as most have no time limit. The strategy below may not be the fastest, but it is certainly the easiest.

Step-by-Step Echoes of the Future Brutal Guide

  • As soon as you get to your base, throw down 3 Pylons (powering all your structures), queue up 5 Probes and rally them to the resource points.
  • While your base is building up, send Zeratul to the east and have him pick up all the resource pellets around the Robotics Facility. You can then power this Robotics Facility with a Pylon.
  • Next, return to your base and keep building Probes. Get about 20 on minerals and 3 on each Vespene Geyser.
  • While your Probes are building, drop ~5 Photon Cannons at the west entrance and east entrances to your base. Start training Stalkers at your Gateway and rally them to the Northern Entrance. This way your base is protected in all 3 sides. This comes in handy later.
  • Next, grab a second Gateway and start researching upgrades (ground weapons 1 and 2 first). Keep training Stalkers and add 2-3 cannons to the Northern entrance to your base.
  • After the Zerg wave at around the 12:00 minute mark, attack the southern Zerg base where the closest Overmind tendril is. There is not actually any buildings there but rather a lot of burrowed Zerg. Clear them out, drop a Pylon to power the Warp Gate, and then expand here by building a Nexus.
  • Build 5 cannons at your expansion to keep it safe, and transfer about 8 Probes over to it to start mining. Keep training Stalkers.
  • Once you get about 20 Stalkers, push north out of the northern exit to your base (right up the center of the map. There are several structures you can re-claim. Even if you let them die, the free units you get out of dropping a Pylon there is worth the 100 minerals.
  • While you are invading, keep training Stalkers and rebuilding cannons at your main base. You should have more than enough minerals between your two bases (you probably will have a lot more than that)!
  • Make sure you Blink your Stalkers underneath any Brood Lords and take them out right away.
  • Be careful when using Zeratul in any invasion. As soon as his HP starts getting low, blink him out. Zeratul is great on defense from the Zerg because he can use his Void Prison on the Worms (stops units from spawning) and there is no detection near the worms, allowing him to kill peacefully.
  • Additionally, if Zeratul's health does drop low, he gets a full health refill every time he touches an Overmind tendril.
  • Clear all the way up to the northeastern base before returning. This will reduce the amount of Zerg spawning. Do not push east as you will need more units.
  • Instead, return to your base and push west and take out the Infested Terran base just to your east. The reason for this is that it allows you to take a new expansion and the units here are easy to beat.
  • Clear out this base and expand here. Add 7 cannons at this base.
  • The Zerg waves start getting larger at this point, so you have to be careful to keep Zeratul active on defense.
  • Keep training Stalkers, and once you get about 30 of them, attack either of the remaining Zerg bases.
  • Be sure to focus down Brood Lords and the rest is easy. Keep training Stalkers and use them to clear out the remaining Zerg bases. Once you clear out all the Zerg, Zeratul can touch the Overmind tendrils at his leisure.

Echoes of the Future Brutal Video Walkthrough

This video guide will help make the strategies outlined in this article much simpler. It is broken down into 2 parts:

Part 1

Part 2

Echoes of the Future Brutal Conclusion

By expanding the map and massing Stalkers, beating Echoes of the Future in Brutal mode is not that hard at all. Try not to attack the Zerg bases in the northeast until you get about 30 Stalkers and you should have no problem!

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